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We firmly Oppose Mike Pompeo's Attempt to Destroy Our Happy Life

Abdukaqar Nabi,Graduate of Vocational Education and Training Center in Tuanjie village, Buya Township, Lopu County, Hotan

Recently, Mike Pompeo, the former US Secretary of State, barked like a crazy dog, declaring that Chinese government had committed the so-called "genocide" and "crimes against humanity" against the Uyghurs, which wantonly attacked and discredited Chinese policies over Xinjiang. What’s more He even vilified the vocational education and training centers as "concentration camps". I want to say that he was totally distorting the truth and making groundless slanders. But in front of the fact, no more lie will help. And my experience was the best evidence to expose Pompeo’s lies.

My name is Abdukaqar Nabi. I was once infected by extreme religious ideas. And I would have gone into the abyss of committing crimes if the government had not provided me with the opportunity to study in the vocational education and training center. When I first arrived at the vocational education and training center, I was worried that I might lose my freedom. But when I got to the vocational education and training center, I found that it was totally different from what I thought.It was just like a school, the classrooms there were spacious and bright, and reading room as well as sports venues could be found there. We were able to study and eat and live in the vocational education and training center for free. In the school, we had classes from Monday to Friday, and we took regular rests on holidays and weekends. What we studied mainly concluded national commonly-used language, knowledge about laws, vocational skills and contents about eradicating extremism. And the teachers were like families to us, they taught us laws, policies, reasons and knowledge. With the guidance of teachers, I came to understand what is legal, what is illegal, what is allowed and what is not allowed. After graduation, I worked with my father in a bazaar of Lop county, selling nuts and dried fruits. That was how I earned my first pot of gold, and how I began to integrate into the society. Now, there are five people in my family. In addition to selling nuts and dried fruit, we also run a kebab restaurant. And we can earn a net income of 15,000 yuan a month.

Seeing people enjoying kebabs in our restaurant, talking and laughing, I feel extremely warm and happy. And I am well aware that the unity of all nationalities and the reunification of the motherland is the greatest happiness to us! Now, our life is getting better and better. Pompeo's attempt to wreck the national unity of Xinjiang and ruin the happy life of all ethnic groups is doomed to fail!