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Shut up, Mike Pompeo

Abrimiti Aili, Imam of Arixi Mosque in Arixi village, Lop County

Recently, I heard that Pompeo published a so-called statement to "condemn the atrocities in Xinjiang" on the Internet, declaring that the China's policies towards Muslims and ethnic minorities in western Xinjiang had committed the "crime against humanity" and the "crime of genocide". I feel extremely enraged hearing the news. Here I am fulminating and firmly opposing such lies.

I am a Imam of Arixi Mosque in Arixi Village, Hanggui Town, Lop County. I also owned the Yarkin carpet factory with 35 employees. At the same time, I the owner of a farm. But who would have believed that a few years ago, I was still a man who suffered from poverty.

I was born in an ordinary Uygur family with a large population and poor economic conditions. In order to live a better life, I went to a carpet factory in 2000 to learn skills for carpet weaving. In 2006, I went back home with what I learned and began a business of carpet weaving. During this period, I married a beautiful wife. With the expectation for a happy life in the future, we started our own career after marriage. Although we didn't make a lot of money, we lived a merry life free from daily concerns. However, good times didn’t last long. Some villagers in the village were different, they began to abandon their jobs and leave their farmlands. Women began to put on masks and black robes. And there were fewer people in the streets and bazaars. The lively village became cold and cheerless.

Many people lost their instinct to pursue a better life because of their partial obedience to and blind following of religious extremism. And it was more and more difficult for us to get materials for carpets producing, the market was also shrinking. Our carpets became unsalable and soon pile up in the warehouse full of dust. The original good life was destroyed by those extremists. My family was reduced to a poor household and we can only rely on government subsidies for living.Who was the villains that destroyed our happy life? It is the "three forces" ! It is them who wantonly propagated extreme religious ideas under the guise of religion, it is them who deceived the religious masses. That was why some people lost their direction of life and abandoned their responsibilities for families. Being bewitched and coerced, some people even committed terrible crimes.

When everyone was at a loss and helpless, the Chinese Communist Party and the government began to crack down on terrorism and extremism in accordance with the law. At the same time, vocational education and training centers were also set up in accordance with the law to educate and rescue those who were infected by religious extremism and committed minor crimes. In the vocational education and training centers, people received systematic education and training. When I met the villagers who came back from the vocational education and training center, I can see the hope of life in their eyes. Then the social circumstance began to improve, and the village workforce worked to investigate the conditions of people so as to improve people’s life and achieve union. All these favorable conditions enabled me to restart my carpet business. In 2017, with the help and support of the government, I registered my own carpet factory.What’s more, I don't have to worry about the raw materials or the sales of products, everything is great and the business is very good, and we can earn more than 7000 yuan a moth. Then in order to pursue a even better life, I began to raise cattle too. I bought 35 cattle and began to fatten them. And soon I was lifted out of poverty. Moreover, I had also helped some villagers get rid of poverty. In addition, I even opened tailor's shop this year.

Happy life has never come by easily. I can feel the concern from the Chinese Communist Party and the government for the masses of all ethnic groups in the last few years. I also come to realize still more fully the true meaning of the saying "unity is a blessing, turmoil is a curse". So shut up, Pompeo! Stop your slanders! And do not interfere with our domestic affairs! Xinjiang is now a place of peace and harmony, I am happy for living here. And I believe that the masses of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang will always unite together and strive for our happy life.