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Throw Mike Pompeo, the Master of Lying, into the Dustbin of History

Alimu Dawuti, Chairman of the Presidium of the People's Congress of Jiangbazi Township, Payzawat County

Recently, Mike Pompeo, the master liar, once again ignored the truth and made ridiculous comments about Xinjiang, which wantonly slandered and deliberately discredited the Chinese government's policies over Xinjiang. He declared that "Xinjiang's policy towards Muslims and ethnic minorities had committed the‘crime against humanity’ and the‘crime of genocide’, attempting to interfere in China's domestic affairs with lies and deception again so as to suppress, discredit and defame Xinjiang. Pompeo's notorious conduct presented us a poor performance of the master liar. And we can tell that Pompeo is a man full of lies and and a man of terrible moral quality.

I have been living in the vast and beautiful land of Payzawat in Xinjiang for 45 years. Looking back on my 45 years of life, I am well aware that Pompeo’s so-called“the ‘crime against humanity’ and the ‘genocide’ forced on Muslims and Uyghurs by Xinjiang’s policies” is the most sensational and ridiculous lie. I know it because I have witnessed the great improvement of our living standards, material life and civilization over the past 45 years.

I remember when I was in primary school, the road I walked on was mud road. The clothes I wore in the morning were all covered with dirt and mud when I came home from school. In the evening, I and my five siblings had to do the homework around a diesel lamp. But in the following years, straight asphalt roads were built, power lines extended into villages, electric lights took the place of diesel lamps, and all kinds of new motorcycles and electric bikes replaced the bicycles of "Forever" brand.

In 2020, the last poor household in Jiangbazi township was lifted out of poverty with the help of Chinese Communist Party and the government, and the town thus got rid of poverty as a whole. Great progress have been achieved in food, housing, clothing, transportation, education, medical treatment and development in Jiangbazi Township. Every family has his own mobile phones now, and daily necessities such as TV sets, cars, washing machines and refrigerators are everywhere. What’s more, the agricultural mechanization has been promoted and the production has been enhanced.

The state has issued a series of policies in the past few years so as to promote the economic development and improve the living standards in Xinjiang. Counterpart assistance for Xinjiang is provied by one of the policies. And Fuoshan City of Guangdong province is the one who has been providing assistance to Jiashi County, which enables us to achieve unprecedented progress in industrial park construction, culture, education, medical treatment and agriculture. For example, in the past,the first primary school, the first, the second, and the third middle school in our county were the schools that primary and secondary school students in the countryside had been yearning for.Now new schools like the second and the third primary school of the county can be found. All in all, a series of educational facilities have been constructed and expanded. And more than 30,000 students are studying in these schools. Another example is that there were all clod houses in countryside as well as in the county town in the past. Then with the help of the national policies and counterpart assistance from Fuoshan, the municipal administration, appearance of towns and villages in our county have all improved. Now you can find no more clod houses in the town, village or any other place. The peasants are now living a healthier and more civilized life.

As a native Uygur cadre trained by the party and the state, I have witnessed the cheerful development and changes in the land of Payzawat. However, Pompeo told a bare-faced lie, trying to distort Xinjiang's policies over ethnic minorities and discredit our new life. Now I would like to ask Pompeo, if "Xinjiang's policies towards Muslims and ethnic minorities were ‘crime against humanity’ and ‘crime of genocide’”. How can Xinjiang be so thriving and prosperous today? And how can we live in such a wonderful life now? Pompeo is a “doomsday Secretary of the State” who has been lying, deceiving and smearing Xinjiang. Hoever, all his “doomsday lies” are nothing but barks of the crazy dog and paranoia of an idiot.