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Goodbye and Good Riddance to Pompeo and his Lies

Migit Litif, Director of Xinjiang Kamalit Law Firm

Pompeo is history now. The “legacy” he leaves behind is nothing but a complete image of "lying diplomacy", because he has been deceiving the world and even himself with various weird lies. He is at his best concocting lies. He deliberately discredits the good situation in Xinjiang and the happy life the local people are living. What he has done grossly meddles in China’s internal affairs and seriously violates international law and basic norms of international relations. I express my strong indignation and firm opposition!

Pompeo’s “lying diplomacy” does harm to not only other people but also himself. Even when he was to depart office, he frantically attacked and discredited Xinjiang, and once again exposed his ugly face. With the groundless smears on Xinjiang's achievements in counter-terrorism and de-radicalization, he trampled all over the feelings of people from all ethnic groups in Xinjiang.

We will never forget the situation in this region in the past few years. At that time, violent and terror cases occurred frequently, and religious extremist ideas raged like a plague, infiltrating and spreading unscrupulously. Religious extremist forces distorted Islamic doctrines and spread extremist ideas on a large scale, which greatly affected many people, and severely disturbed their normal life and work. To this end, Xinjiang has taken a series of counterterrorism and stability-maintaining measures to fight against terrorism and religious extremist forces.

Law-based counterterrorism and de-radicalization have been launched to deal with illegal religious activities, illegal religious publicity materials, and spread of illegal religions through the internet, which has brought about significant social changes. Religious extremism’s interference in administration, judicial affairs, education, marriage and medical services has been effectively curbed. School enrollment rate has increased significantly and continues to rise. The public has become much more aware of the dangers of religious extremism. At the same time, legally religious activities have been protected more effectively by promulgating and amending some local regulations concerning religious affairs, such as the Regulations of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region on Religious Affairs. These regulations state explicitly the rights and interests of religious groups, venues and religious staff, and draw a clear boundary between legal and illegal religious activities, thus providing legal guarantees for people of all ethnic groups to engage in legal religious activities. Law-based counterterrorism and de-radicalization in Xinjiang have effectively curbed the frequent terrorist incidents and protected the basic human rights of citizens, and won the support of all people in Xinjiang.

As a senior lawyer, I witness Xinjiang’s steady progress in strengthening rule of law. Xinjiang always promotes the rule of socialist law, maintaining social harmony and stability in accordance with the law. Upholding the principle of fighting and preventing terrorism at the same time, Xinjiang has been taking aggressive action against violent terrorist crimes, and at the same time, addressing the problem at its source. It always upholds equality for all individuals before the law. Anyone, whatever his social background or ethnicity, as long as he violates Chinese laws, as long as he carries out terrorism or extremist activities, and as long as he endangers people’s lives and property, will be punished in accordance with the law. According to the policy of balancing compassion and severity, Xinjiang provides aid, education and rehabilitation for people guilty of minor crimes or infected with religious extremism. Especially in the aspect of preventive counter-terrorism, according to the actual situation, those infected with religious extremism and those following violent terrorism and separatism are offered with tailored and even individualized education. By so doing, these people are prevented from falling victim to violent terrorism, and the terrorist activities are nipped in the bud. The aim is to prevent the breeding and spread of terrorism and religious extremism, effectively curbing the frequent terrorist incidents and protecting the rights to life, health, and development of people of all ethnic groups.

Facts speak louder than words. Under the firm leadership of the CPC, Xinjiang has made unprecedented achievements in social development and in the improvement of people’s livelihood. With the economic development and infrastructure continuing to improve, the construction of the core area of ​​the Silk Road Economic Belt is deepening. The lives of people have improved significantly, and a decisive victory has been achieved in the fight against poverty. Pompeo's shameless slander can't shake the iron will or stop the sonorous pace of the Chinese people to realize national rejuvenation.

Pompeo departs disgracefully his office amidst the scolding of global politics and public opinion, and amid widespread doubts and condemnation from the world. Goodbye and good riddance to Pompeo.