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China’s Education Policy Fully Guarantees the Rights of People of All Ethnic Groups in Xinjiang to Pursue a Better Life

Bua Abra, Director, Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of the Economic and Social Development Research Center of Xinjiang Agricultural University

Pompeo’s recent remarks concerning Xinjiang spread a lot of untruths, ignored facts, fabricated lies, groundlessly attacked and deliberately discredited the Chinese government’s policy of administering Xinjiang. As a Uygur University professor and a practitioner witness Xinjiang ethnic education, I strongly condemn! Pompeo is lying with his eyes open. He is advised to stop making up lies at once. Stop making use of the so-called Xinjiang issue and spreading rumors to smear China.

In order to ensure that all ethnic groups in Xinjiang receive a fair and high-quality education and promote the balanced development of students of all ethnic groups. In recent years, Xinjiang adheres to the strategy of giving priority to the development of education. Local education for children aged 4-6 has been launched one after another, free three-year preschool education nearby, a rural boarding school project, and a “nutrition improvement program for rural students”. 22 deeply poor cities in four prefectures in southern Xinjiang are focused on, and achieve full coverage of free education for 15 years. Priorities are given to poverty alleviation through education in deep poverty-stricken areas. Efforts should be made to improve the conditions for running schools at the stage of compulsory education. At the same time, preferences are given to the groups of students in difficulty, such as those have established files and cards, low-income households, special hardship assistance and support and disabled. Helping them enjoy high-quality educational resources. All rural primary and secondary school students in the region enjoy the “two exemptions policy” (Free of tuition and miscellaneous fees, free of textbooks).

In addition, Xinjiang enable students of all ethnic groups to receive quality education in Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang, and the mainland through the implementation of the policies of inland junior class and inland senior class. As the landing of a number of educational “dividends”, the three-year preschool education and compulsory education in southern Xinjiang have been popularized in a wider range and with higher quality. The coverage rate of three-year preschool education has reached 100%. More and more children from ethnic groups in remote and poor areas enjoy fair and high-quality educational resources. It is precisely the preferential policies implemented by China for ethnic groups that has changed the lives of many ethnic minority students and made them more and more smooth on the road of pursuing a better life.

I am a Uygur, female, PhD graduate, university professor. Today’s social status of mine is benefited from my father had sent all his children to attended the school where use Chinese as the teaching language. From childhood, I received the national common language education. In addition, Chinese government has given Xinjiang a superior national education policy, all six kids in my family were all admitted to the famous universities of China. All of us have good jobs and live happily. That’s why more and more ethnic relatives, neighbors and friends around me being aware of the importance of education in the common language of the country for children’s development. They all have a strong will and hope that China can continuously promote the national common language education.

At present, the implementation of national common language education in Xinjiang, the measures taken to develop free education for the first three years of the development of teaching, rural boarding school project, the inland junior and senior classes for students from Xinjiang, are in line with the actual situation in Xinjiang and are deeply supported and supported by the minority groups. Greatly gratified! At present, ethnic group’s education in Xinjiang is in the best period of development. It not only guarantees the use of the mother tongue of ethnic groups, but also have the access to education of superior teaching in national common language, and has excellent teaching and accommodation conditions, thus providing adequate guarantee for students of all ethnic groups to study in high quality. Making up the shortcomings of minority education, realizing fair and quality education for students of all ethnic groups, fulfilling the aspirations of the people of all ethnic groups to develop education and give children the strong desire to have a better future.

At present, the minority groups in Xinjiang are benefit from the development of education to gain an increasing sense of well-being. For the development of ethnic group’s education in Xinjiang, as the ethnic groups, we are the ones who have experienced it, practitioners, witnesses and beneficiaries, have the most right to speak! Pompeo has spread a lot of falsehoods on Xinjiang-related issues, groundlessly attack and deliberately discredit the Chinese government’s policy of administering Xinjiang, attempt to undermine stability in Xinjiang, hinder the development of Xinjiang, mislead international public opinion. We firmly oppose and strongly condemn!