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Be Vigilant to the Real-life Version of "Wolf Grandma" - Pompeo

Yeerkexi Kuerbanbaike, Chairman of Xinjiang Writers Association, Famous Writer and Translator

There are at least one hundred different versions of the story about the Wolf Grandma, which are widely spread at home and abroad. As one of the most popular folk tales among children, it is often used to educate children to distinguish between true and false, good and evil. The classic representative works among them are "Wolf Grandma and Little Red Riding Hood", "Door, door hanging, pot brush", "Tiger Grandma","Red Eyed Wolf" and so on. The motif of the story is: The mother was eaten by a wolf on her way to visit the grandmother and the Wolf disguised as the grandmother who came to the house and wanted to eat the children. The children were clever enough to find wolf's tricks. They secretly ran out of the door and told a lot of small animals. Finally, the children get rid of Grandma Wolf with their help.

Looking at all the stories about " Wolf Grandma" at home and abroad, people will find that all these beasts have a common feature. That is: they are good at camouflage and they can pretend to be adults. They can talk and walk like human beings. And their purpose in disguise is to eat people. Although this is only a fairy tale, it has some basis in fact. Today, people of all ethnic groups living in Xinjiang have quietly discovered that this classic bedtime story for children has actually appeared alive in the world.

Mike Pompeo, the worst secretary of state in American history, has been playing the real-life "Wolf Grandma" very well. He spared no expense in smearing China, demonizing Xinjiang, provoking ethnic relations in Xinjiang, destabilizing Xinjiang and hindering its development by lying, cheating, making things up. At the end of his four-year tenure, he still didn’t forget to make false statements about China's "genocide", "crimes against humanity" and "forced labour" in Xinjiang. He attacked and deliberately smeared and stigmatized Xinjiang without cause, while he himself assumed the appearance of "the savior popularizing all living beings" and "upholding justice". He hardly realized that the more he presented himself as the "savior", the more vigilant the children of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang would be to see through his Wolf ambition. The more he smeared Xinjiang, the more resolute the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang would be to follow the Communist Party of China and love our country. The more we cherished the profound brotherhood forged in the history of the Chinese nation and deepened the perception and understanding of the history and culture of the Chinese nation, and also the more we will work hard to build this great land under our feet.

Pompeo, who was far away on the other side of the ocean and had never visited the three mountains and two basins of Xinjiang, could not understand and would never understand that Xinjiang is a place with a treasure trove of Han Dynasty brocades -- "Five stars come out of the East and benefit China", which was one of the greatest archaeological discoveries in China in the 20th century. It is the basis for the ancient people to jointly safeguard the great unity of China. It is Zuo Zongtang who has successfully defended the frontier of China's territorial integrity.It is the children of all ethnic groups that have improved the quality of life in Xinjiang, changed the living environment and optimized the ecological construction with the Chinese Communist Party after more than 70 years of bloody struggle, hard work, reform and opening up and poverty alleviation,Today, Xinjiang's highways and railways run in all directions through the desert and Gobi,and large and small civil airports are located throughout the Altay Mountains, Tianshan Mountains, Kunlun Mountains and two major basin oasis. The traditional culture of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang has been protected, and modern science and technology are optimizing the education, medical care and basic necessities of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang. Besides, the languages, traditional cultures and customs of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang have been well protected and inherited. People of all ethnic groups fully enjoy the rights of survival and development, and workers' rights are protected in accordance with the law. All this is what everyone living in Xinjiang can relate to and experience personally. Therefore, the more Pompeo shows such "concern" and "care" for Xinjiang, the more people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang are unsuspecting to be on high alert for this "Wolf grandma". The Chinese now understand that “not with the best of intentions, means no good”. What Pompeo did could only be self-indignation. His dark psychology and bottomless double standards and his hypocritical and ugly political face can only be a joke and can only be a Wolf grandma with its tail between its legs for the children of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang. Only the people of all ethnic groups living in Xinjiang have the best say on how well Xinjiang is doing and how well its people are living.

The theme of Wolf grandma folk stories is to educate children to be alert to bad people and fight with them bravely and intelligently. In the form of Wolf grandmother stories, the Wolf grandmother is often disguised as the grandmother by man-eating beasts such as the big bad Wolf, tiger and bear, which is easy for children to understand and full of ingenious artistic ideas. And when Pompeo plays the real Wolf grandmother so incisively and vividly, his political plot of using his politicized human rights criteria to find fault with the region becomes abundantly clear. Therefore, the answer of the sons and daughters of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang can only be: Pompeo, you are dreaming in vain! What you've done will go down as a symbol of infamy.