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Stand Firmly against Pompeo's Despicable Lies

Xinjiang Art Theatre Song and Dance Troupe

On January 19, Mike Pompeo, former US Secretary of State, made despicable remarks related to Xinjiang, which aroused strong indignation at home and abroad. Pompeo's legacy of politics before his departure has been fermented and stinking. Pompeo has become a malignant tumor in world politics, and all sectors of society have condemned this contemptible scoundrel. The impression he left to the world was forever fixed on the column of shame of "political lies, human deception, moral kidnapping, and no moral bottom line". Pompeo's shameless remarks about China's Xinjiang are just to divert attention and domestic social contradictions, and wantonly take China as the target of attack. Justice naturally inhabits a man's heart. His shameless lies and instigation about Xinjiang have made the international community more clear about his stupidity and viciousness.

Pompeo's outrageous remarks are disgusting and have aroused strong indignation of all the cadres and staff of the Xinjiang Arts Theater's Song and Dance Troupe. In the course of more than 70 years of struggle since the founding of New China, the cadres and workers of the Xinjiang Art Theatre and Dance Troupe have witnessed the strength of the motherland and the great unity of the people of all ethnic groups. We deeply feel that social stability and long-term stability are hard-won. And we abhor Pompeo's despicable acts and firmly resist and condemn them. Since the establishment of Xinjiang Song and Dance Troupe, cadres and workers of all ethnic groups have been basking in the warm sunshine of the big family of the Chinese nation. Pompeo's malicious attack and deliberate planting intend to stir up ethnic hatred, wanton trampling on China's ethnic and religious policies, creating a negative impact on public opinion in the international community. He used lies to create contradictions and thus excuses to attack our country. The whole group of Xinjiang song and dance troupe is fully aware of Pompeo's sinister intentions, and cadres and workers of all ethnic groups strongly refute Pompeo's so-called all kinds of disinformation and slander against Xinjiang.

The journey of more than half a century has made us more aware of the value of social stability and ethnic unity. We will continue to refine the cultural and artistic business, to create cultural and artistic products, highlighting the outstanding style of Xinjiang. And also, we will continue to contribute to enhancing China's international cultural influence.