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Lies Can Not Conceal the Light of Truth

Wahafu Maiming, CPC General Secretary, Xinjiang Coal Technology College

Recently from the media I read the news that the former US Secretary of State Pompeo made false remarks that “Chinese government is committing crimes against humanity and genocide towards Uygur people and other ethnic minority groups”. Pompeo’s remarks are absolute lies which are full of nonsense. His words are totally without any proof. He wantonly made up the lies to ignore the facts and to confuse right and wrong, which was a betrayal and challenge to basic humanity and conscience. For his words and actions, I express my strong condemnation and firm opposition! As a person who was born and raised up here in Xinjiang, I, as a Xinjiang people, have the right to speak for us! Not Pompeo!

I am Wahafu Maiming, the CPC General Secretary of Xinjiang Coal Technology College. I was born into a normal family here and since then I have been living and working here. When I was a child, I witnessed that all ethnic groups in Xinjiang lived harmonious life and since childhood I felt the warmth and help from all people around me. I had a wonderful life here! My classmates, colleagues, neighbors and friends were from all ethnic groups and we studied together, grew up together and lived in harmony. Before I was 15, my Chinese was not so good and in order to communicate well with my friends of Han Chinese and other ethnic groups I tried very hard to learn from them and from teachers. They were so patient with me and not only my Chinese became much better, but also we became very good friends, trusting and helping each other. At the moment I can still remember clearly that time and feel gratitude to them. I don’t know on what grounds Pompeo made these nonsense and smeared my hometown.

In my growing-up experience, from childhood to adulthood the social atmosphere is always open, easy and just. No mater which ethnic group you are in, every one has the same right and opportunity to create happy life for himself or herself. I have two children and they started their Chinese lessons at a very early age in bi-lingual school, enjoying various beneficiary polices of education. All ethnic group students study together, learn together, play together, grow up together and help one another. They are just like a big family.

At school, the tuition fee is free of charge and this not only helps many families ease their economic burden, but also encourages students to study harder, and to build and construct a better China in turn when they graduate from colleges or universities. My college sets up rewarding prizes for students who take up various contests and competitions, to encourage them to learn more and better techniques. By taking up these competitions and getting rewards, students can help and support their family in economic means. To enliven students’ extracurricular activities, we also organize such forms of entertainment as musical performance, hobby groups and associations, assisting and aiding groups. A great deal of traditional ethnic culture and activities are performed both by Han Chinese and other ethnic groups, which effectively enhances the inheritance and development of ethnic traditional language and culture, deepens the relationship among students and pushes forward cultural construction on campus.

A few years ago, I went to visit homes of some of the students in southern Xinjiang, I always heard people saying that CPC and government brought excellent policies, which not only brought about insurance for a stable life, but also provided various opportunities for children to learn knowledge. From this, we can see that CPC’s education policies are dearly cherished and recognized by Xinjiang people. When I heard their words, I was moved and felt great happiness and I am so proud for hundreds of students who study in my college. Recently, the “assisting and aiding group” pushes the development work in Xinjiang to a much further step. We live and work together, helping and supporting each other and working diligently for a better and better life. These happy and wonderful scenes are seen by my own eyes and felt by my own heart.

Pompeo, the above is my personal experience and I see them myself! I want to tell you: lies can never conceal the truth and I will never allow you to smear and defame my beautiful home land. Our Xinjiang is a wonderful land! One vicious word or two from you can never sabotage that image! Please stop your mad words and actions!