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Firmly Refuting Pompeo’s False Remarks on Xinjiang

Karenbei Abdurexiti, Associate Professor, Culture and Arts College, Xinjiang Engineering University

In recent days, the former US Secretary of State Pompeo tried various means to smear and attack China, falsely claiming that “China is committing the crimes against humanity and genocide towards Muslims and ethnic minorities in Xinjiang”. Pompeo’s series of remarks on Xinjiang intentionally vilified the human rights in Xinjiang, brutally defaming China’s efforts in fighting against terrorism and extremism, viciously attacking Chinese government’s policies in governing Xinjiang, seriously violating international laws and basic principles of international relations, wantonly intervening China’s internal affairs, evilly provoking relation among ethnic groups in China, smearing Xinjiang’s various achievements in development and ignoring the true feelings of all Xinjiang people. All these once again show the vicious intention and filthy hypocrisy of American hegemony. For these, I express my firm opposition and strong condemnation.

I was born and raised up here in Xinjiang and it is CPC and Xinjiang people who brought me up. In 1992, I graduated from Beijing Normal University and became a teacher in a higher education institution. In my work, the leaders in my university care for me and I and colleagues learn from each other and help each other. In life, I and my colleagues are good friends and we help each other if some one is in difficulties. With the care and attention from CPC and my own diligence, I worked from an assistant to associate professor now. I work hard with my colleagues together to educate hundreds of students from all ethnic groups. Pompeo, I want to tell this: in Xinjiang, there are many and many females who have been well educated like me. In education field, the female percentage is 64%. Females from all ethnic groups have become a major force in pushing forward the economic and social development. What a united, harmonious and prosperous home land we have here! We would never allow some one like Pompeo to smear and defame it!

As a teacher in this college, I am quite familiar with the family situation of most ethnic minority students from southern Xinjiang. Students often tell me that with the tremendous help from the government, they can obtain various assisting and aiding subsidies such as free tuition fee. The drop-out rate for ethnic minority students decreases rapidly and parents are happy and willing to send their children to school. In the countryside and villages, you will seldom see a child who is not going to school.

The learning environment for Xinjiang students is so excellent. In Xinjiang, various beneficiary education policies have been implemented for many years, the infrastructure in schools has been improved to a great deal, the education environment has been enhanced and the teaching condition and education quality have been improved greatly. Now, all the children have the opportunity to learn at school, to be educated and to be qualified for a certain profession. All ethnic groups’ right to use and learn their own language and culture is fully protected and ensured. The PRC Law for National Region Autonomy, The PRC Law for National Language and Character, and The PRC Law of Education are fully carried out and followed. Meanwhile, in order to fully protect the right for all ethnic group students to learn their own language and culture, in the curriculum of compulsory education, courses in ethnic minority language are set up to encourage school to organize ethnic traditional cultural activities, which effectively pushes forward the inheritance and development of ethnic minority’s language and culture.

No matter how many lies Pompeo made up, they will never conceal the fact that Xiniiang is stable and is developing wonderfully, the fact that Xinjiang people are enjoying a happy life, and the fact that all ethnic group students are growing up healthily in the big family of our great country. History will prove that clowns like Pompeo will get his way in his filthy conspiracy. His evil purpose of intervening China’s internal affairs by making up lies on Xinjiang could never conceal the eyes of people who love peace.