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Pompeo, Listen to My True Heart

Aikebair Mijiti, Officer of Xinjiang Engineering College (Tianjin Road Campus)

Xinjiang has been an indispensable part of China since ancient times. Xinjiang is China’s Xinjiang, Uygur people is one of all ethnic groups in the big family of China, and Xinjiang’s affairs are part of China’s internal affairs. Recently, the former US Secretary of State Pompeo launched a series of actions to show his “Doomsday Madness” to the uttermost, falsely accusing that “Xinjiang is committing the crimes against humanity and genocide towards Uygur people and other ethnic minorities in Xinjiang”. As a Uygur educator who was born and raised up here, I gravely declare that what Pompeo said was absolute lies and full of ridiculous discrepancies, which cannot be proved by any means. Whether the human rights in Xinjiang are good or not, the 250 million Xinjiang people have the right to speak for themselves. Not Pompeo!

As an ethnic CPC officer who was born and educated in Xinjiang, I have been living here for over 50 years. I have experienced Xinjiang’s prosperity and development under the strong leadership of CPC central committee, witnessed the serious damage on innocent people brought by violent cases related to separatism, extremism and terrorism, and also witnessed the great changes of thinking and action of those people who had been affected by extremist religious thoughts before and been educated in the vocational education and training programs later.

I visited these vocational education and training centers for several times, where there were teaching, management, medical care, logistics and assistance departments. According to the number of trainees there, the teaching staff, the guidance staff, the medical care staff, the lodging staff and the assisting and aiding staff were all ready to help them. Equipment was set up fully to ensure their learning and life, fully demonstrating the excellent management with human care. When I saw the people who had been affected by extremist religious thoughts, I became more confident in my heart that the measures taken by the government was absolutely correct, in time and necessary. If we did not have such measures to help them, you would never know how many more would be led astray. The training centers were absolutely necessary in consideration of the actual situation in Xinjiang’s fight against terrorism and extremism and were fundamental measures for Xinjiang to probe into ways to eliminate terrorism and extremism and to prevent these from happening. They were also an innovative approach in the world’s cause of fighting against terrorism and keeping stability. The international society has been giving high praise on Chinese government’s policies on governing Xinjiang.

All these facts prove that Pompeo’s false remarks on Xinjiang are totally against facts and completely against the mainstream of international society. His hallucination in using remarks on Xinjiang to contain China’s development and growth is surely doomed to fail!