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Pompeo’s One Thousand Lies Are Smashed by One Truth

Abulimit Abuduaini, TV Play Division of Xinjiang Radio and Television Administration

Recently, just before the curtain fell, Pompeo went to great length to smear and slander China’s Xinjiang, falsely claiming “China has committed crimes against humanity and genocide against Muslim Uygurs and other members of ethnic minority groups in Xinjiang”. It was biased and baseless fallacy. I will refute all these venomous lies with real people, true things and correct statistics.

My hometown is in Hotan Prefecture, Xinjiang. My father was born in a family of farmers in Mukuila Township, Pishan County. Thanks to the preferential policies of supporting the education in the regions of ethnic groups since the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949, he, a boy from a remote small village, was admitted into Hotan Teachers’ College. After graduation, he became a teacher in No.1 Middle School of Hotan Prefecture.

As a little child, my parents often taught us to cherish clear conscience, gratitude and loyalty. Under the cultivation of the Communist Party of China, we brothers and sisters finished college successfully. I was allocated to work in Hotan TV Station after graduation. In 2006, I joined the Communist Party of China gloriously, fulfilling my aspiration as a little child. Under the great care and training of the Communist Party of China, I worked with CPC Publicity Department of Hotan Prefecture, Civilization Office of Hotan Prefecture successively and now work in the Xinjiang Radio and Television Administration.

At the end of 2016, I learned that Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region would carry out poverty alleviation in south Xinjiang. I applied for it immediately and came back to my hometown more than 10 years later. With a grateful heart, I was determined to do some tangible things for villagers relying on so many preferential policies on rural areas and farmers. Over three years’ residency in the village, through a close direct contact with rural areas, agriculture and farmers, I witnessed the tremendous change of villages in Hotan Prefecture and experienced the implementation of all the policies benefiting people at grassroots level. The vast number of farmers and herdsmen enjoy rich benefits as follows: old-age pension, medical insurance and minimum subsistence allowance; free education, accommodation and dining for children; transferring from narrow and dark adobe houses to bright and gracious affordable houses; easy access to radio and television in each household and village and introduction of advanced scientific and cultural knowledge; broad criss-cross tarmacked roads extending to the doorway of farmers; subsidies for growing grains, animal husbandry and agricultural machinery granted on time. The good policies of the Communist Party are too many to be counted and the great care for ethnic minority regions have won people’s hearts.

Employment is the significant channel for increasing farmers’ income and their labour rights are protected in accordance with the law. Where to go and what to do are at their will, their human freedom is never restricted and they enjoy rights of employment, rest and vacation and labour safety and health protection. Mamatiabudula Matuohut and his wife Bahetiguli Muhaibati are one ordinary couple in the village. Before working as migrant workers, they had never left Hotan like their elder generations. The husband did a casual job and the wife did all the cooking and took care of their children, with an annual per capita income of RMB 3,000. In 2018, the couple volunteered to apply for going to work. After finishing the training of vocational skills and standard Chinese language, they went to work in a sports shoes factory in Quanzhou City of Fujian Province, each obtaining a monthly pay of RMB 4,500 yuan. In 2020, they sent RMB 30 thousand back home, twice the annual income of farming by the five-people family. Is villagers pursuing a happy life the so-called anti-humanity in Pompeo’s mouth? His plot to disturb Xinjiang and let its people of all ethnic groups keep poor and backward is bound to fail.

In the face of these facts and truths, all the lies and disinformation cooked up by anti-China forces will collapse. As a native Uygur born in south Xinjiang and a CPC member growing up in Xinjiang, I will never tolerate any smear and destruction against our beautiful homeland of the people of all ethnic groups. Pompeo, open your eyes and see clearly the truth of what is happening in Xinjiang.