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Pompeo, Where Are Your Guts?

Remila Aili, Journalist with Xinjiang Radio and Television Administration

My name is Remila Aili, a Uygur journalist with Xinjiang Radio and Television Administration. On January 19, 2021, Pompeo made a groundless accusation and ill-intended smear and slander against Xinjiang with his show of lies and madness just before the curtain fell. I’d like to ask Pompeo, where were your guts when you time and again spread venomous lies?

I have been living in a multi-ethnic courtyard since my childhood. I have classmates, colleagues, neighbors and friends of various ethnic groups. We study, grow up, work and live together as members of one big family. As a Uygur girl, I have never felt biased for ethnicity. On the contrary, my development and progress cannot be achieved without the support, help and encouragement from my friends of all ethnic groups. There is a particular member in my family, who is Yang Qun, my elder sister of Han Chinese and also one business partner of my sister’s. Since I work in another city all the year round, Yang Qun and my elder sister always have been looking after my sick mother lying in bed for over 10 years. We cherish the friendship between us and regard Yang Qun as one member in our family. In fact, she is my genuine elder sister.

In the past decades, China has attached great importance to ethnic minority education in Xinjiang. More and more students of ethnic minorities go to college and the talents of ethnic minorities have acquired wider space of development at much more levels. When my niece Gulimila Kurexijiang graduated from China University of Political Science and Law, she went to the Netherlands to further her study as a postgraduate. After graduation, she gave up the chance of working abroad and came back to Xinjiang. Through her own effort, she was awarded as the Top Civil Servant for three consecutive years. Gulimila Kurexijiang told me that she loves her hometown deeply. On this homeland, the people of all ethnic groups have equal opportunities. As long as you work hard, you will surely accomplish something.

In the past two years, Kurexijiang Hawuli, my elder brother-in-law, has been working in Ayakelangan Village, Yingmaili Township, Jiashi County, Kashgar Prefecture. Over 90% of the total population in this village are Uygur people. The work team led by my elder brother-in-law consists of Han, Uygur, Kazakh and other ethnic groups. They work, dine and live together with the villagers and pull together to help them out of poverty. In recent years, Jiashi County has proactively introduced the project of planting new prunes, which has become the source of acquiring prosperity and happiness. In 2020, the output of new prunes amounted to 950 tons, sold to Shanghai, Shenzhen, Xi’an and other places in China. Relying on new prunes plantation, the per capita income increased by over RMB 3,000 yuan. In November, 2020, Jiashi County has shaken off extreme poverty. Abudureyimu Miman, a once impoverished villager on record, shook the hands of my elder brother-in-law with emotion and said, “Thank the Communist Party for sending us a work team with good carders.”

Pompeo, all these facts are what I have personally experienced and witnessed. Iron-clad facts testify that it is the great Communist Party of China that enables Xinjiang to bid farewell to over one thousand years of poverty and to enjoy the hard-won happy life, social stability and harmonious development. No doomed clown like Pompeo can ever destroy it with a completely false allegation and a malicious farce.

Pompeo, shut your mouth! All your ludicrous fabrications are only mantises trying to obstruct a chariot in vain.