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Pompeo Is a Shameless Liar

Aimuroula Jumasi, Chairman of the People’s Congress in Halajun Town, Artux City

Recently, the former US Secretary of State openly ignored facts and confused right and wrong, intentionally attacking Xinjiang’s human rights, viciously defaming China’s efforts in fighting against terrorism and extremism and evilly vilifying Chinese government’s policies in governing Xinjiang. Pompeo made up a shameless lie that “China is committing the crimes against humanity and genocide in Xinjiang”, with the purpose of sabotaging Xinjiang’s development. Here, I am firmly against and express my strong condemnation on Pompeo’s “Lie of the Century”.

Whether Xinjiang people have a nice life or not, we Xinjiang people have the say! Not Pompeo! I would like to talk about my home town--Halajun Town. Years ago it was a small remote and backward town, with no asphalt road, no cars and no beautiful houses. Since the Reform and Opening-up, a series of benefiting policies set up by the CPC and Chinese government were carried out here. Now every family lives in a private house that can resist earthquake to uttermost degree and there are kindergarten, primary school and secondary school in each village. If one is ill, he or she does not have to go far because there is a medical center in each village. The most remote village in this town is Yazilu, which is about 30 kilometers away from the town center. Years ago the sheep and cattle and other agricultural products could not sell well with good prices, but now asphalt road is built in every village and villagers can go to market easily, with good prices now. Villagers’ cultural quality is getting higher and higher, so their idea of a getting a job is also different from the former generations. Years ago villagers here solely relied on raising sheep and working on the field, but now they have great initiative to learn techniques and start their entrepreneurship. Everyone works hard to improve their living and working environment. We live in bright and spacious houses and enjoy a happy life where there is a beautiful house to live, there is the medical center in the village, there are schools for you to be educated, there is work to do and there is help and support for you if you become a senior citizen. I am not sure what kind of standard was used by Pompeo when he talked about “human rights”. For me, the lawful protection of human’s right in survival and development is the biggest human right. In China, we have a wonderful saying -- Justice is in the hearts of all people. So, please, Mr. Pompeo, just mind your own business and do not mess about our happy and peaceful life here in Xinjiang!