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Pompeo’s Lies can Not Discredit the Fact of Xinjiang’s Prosperity and Social Stability

Abuduwufuer Wubulihasimu, Xinjiang Daily

Recently, Pompeo spread his wanton poisonous remarks again, putting on the world stage an absurd play of “doomsday madness”, which showed his ugly essence and sinister intentions in front of the world. Ignoring the facts, Pompeo attacked and deliberately discredited the Chinese government’s policy of ruling Xinjiang, in an evil attempt to distort and discredit the anti-terrorism and de radicalization work in Xinjiang and stir up ethnic dissensions in Xinjiang. Pompeo’s remarks and behavior pose a betrayal and challenge to basic moral principle and conscience. I firmly oppose and strongly condemn it.

Pompeo said that the Chinese government had imposed a “compulsory sterilization” to the Uygur and other ethnic minorities in Xinjiang and this constituted a “crime of genocide”. It is a sheer nonsense. I was born in a remote village in southern Xinjiang. My parents were both farmers. I got my primary school and junior high school education in the countryside, and finished my senior high school study in the county. Both food and accommodation at school were free. After graduating from high school, I was admitted to university. All my education was benefited from the party’s good policies. Under the care of the party, I grew up from a rural child to an intellectual and became an enviable journalist. I am the witness and beneficiary of the party’s good policies. I have two children. They all grow up happily in the big family of our motherland. My eldest son has graduated from university and got a job. My second son is in high school. I have a very happy family. Is there in the world such a place with fast-growing population where there is “forced sterilization” and “genocide” ? Pompeo’s remark is just a bullshit.

Pompeo also said that the Chinese government imposed forced labor on Xinjiang Uygur and other ethnic minorities. It is a fabrication out of nothing! Workers of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang choose their occupations according to their own wishes. In accordance with the labor law of the people’s Republic of China and other laws and regulations, and on the principle of equality and voluntariness, they sign labor contracts with relevant enterprises in accordance with the law, obtain corresponding remuneration, and enjoy full freedom in choosing the place of employment. In recent years, Xinjiang has vigorously implemented the project of employment and benefiting the people, and actively broadened employment channels. Many people have fixed jobs, their income is guaranteed, and they live a good life through hard work.

I know several people who come to work in Urumqi enterprises from southern Xinjiang. They all like their work very much. Through chatting, I learned that they now have a fixed monthly income, have deposits in the bank, and can buy gifts for their families during the Spring Festival. They are particularly satisfied with their life now. My paired relatives in southern Xinjiang have long been out of poverty through local employment. They have also increased their income through the development of courtyard economy and breeding industry. All the children go to school free of charge. Nowadays, in Xinjiang, the concepts of “Good life is created by work” and “happiness comes from stuggle” are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. There are many people who improve their lives and make contributions to society through their own work. Is this forced labor? Pompeo attacked and smeared the employment situation in Xinjiang and this made him a despicable “slander maker”.

It is not outsiders but the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang that has the qualification to make a judgement about Xinjiang. As a native of Xinjiang, and a participant, witness and beneficiary of Xinjiang’s stable development, I express great indignation at Pompeo’s groundless accusation and malicious slander! The good situation of social stability, peace, prosperity and development in Xinjiang is not won easily. People of all ethnic groups will cherish it and never allow anyone or any force to interfere.