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A Real Growing Experience to Disclose Pompeo’s Lie

Suliyar, CPC Deputy Secretary, Principal of No. 1 Primary School, Gongliu, Yili

As a Uygur educator in Xinjiang, when I heard Pompeo’s remarks on Xinjiang, I was indignant! I just want to ask Pompeo: Do you know China at all? Do you know Xinjiang at all? Do you know CPC’s policies for ethnic groups at all? I guess you do not! Without any knowledge of situation in Xinjiang and in China, you just viciously attack Chinese government’s policies in governing Xinjiang. Aren’t you feeling shameless at all?

Pompeo’s cliche is full of political prejudices and lies, revealing his “double standard” in such issues as anti-terrorism and anti-extremism once again. I want to take the example of my home town -- Gongliu -- to show my point. At present, there are 41563 students in kindergartens and schools, and among these 36264 are ethnic minorities, which take up 87.25%. In these facilities, there are 3950 teaching staff, and among these 2403 are ethnic minorities, which take up 60.84%. Whatever ethnic group he or she is in, these students enjoy the same right as free pre-school education and 9 years of free primary and secondary education. The situation is the same for teaching staff, who enjoy the same rights. These statistics show that there is no so-called ethnic, religious and human rights issues claimed by Pompeo at all. By contrast, an 18-year old innocent African American was killed for several shots by a white policeman. Mr. Pompeo, comparing these two, which is racial discrimination and which is genocide?

I was born and raised in Gongliu. Looking back at my growing, I deeply feel that my growing up is intimately related to the care and attention from the CPC and Chinese government. After years of compulsory education which is all free, I was admitted into a normal college where I was awarded special scholarship for us, enabling me finish my study successfully. I worked as a teacher in a kindergarten at first and now I am the principal of a primary school in the urban district. Everywhere and every time I feel the warmth and care from the CPC and Chinese government for ethnic groups. From childhood to adulthood, I never felt that ethnic minorities were treated differently from Han Chinese. On the contrary, I always feel that Han Chinese show more tolerance towards ethnic minorities and they show great respect to culture and customs of ethnic people. Why are we so proud of our culture? Because it is part of our outstanding 5000 years of culture of China, which is the soul home and spiritual garden for all ethnic groups in Xinjiang.

Every step and every stage of my growing up is with the guidance and care from the policies of the CPC and Chinese government. I will never allow any one to smear China’s policies on ethnic groups. My personal experience in growing up is the sharp sword that pierces through Pompeo’s lies.