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Pompeo will Be Judged and Punished by History

Maolan Maimaiti, Translation Center of Radio and Television Bureau of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region

Recently, Pompeo concocted the so-called lies of “large-scale monitoring”, “forced labor” and even “genocide” in Xinjiang. He has slandered China and Xinjiang time and again, and his sinister purpose is apparent. Facts speak louder than words. As a Uygur Party member and official who has been under the care and cultivation of party for many years, I will use my own experience to expose the lies of this clown.

My name is Maolan Maimaiti. Thanks to the good policies of the party and the state, I was admitted to an ideal university. While in my career, in order to realize my dream of serving the country, in 2015, I volunteered to participate in the village work of “Investigation, Benefiting and Solidarizing” and went to Cele County in Hotan to exercise my ability and accumulate working experience. In 2018, I signed up to stay in the village again and became the first Party Secretary of the deep poverty village in Hotan city. In the past years of my grassroots work experience, I have witnessed with my own eyes that civil workers and masses of all ethnic groups are building a backward and barren village in the past into today’s happy, harmonious and beautiful village under the care and support of the party and the state. What a miracle!

In the past years in the village, I have deeply felt that the love and kindness of the Communist Party is deeper than the sea. Looking back, many people in the village still seem to be in front of my eyes, and many things in the village still flash in my mind. The village where I live has only 3 mu of land per capita. The villagers had almost no other sources of income and living conditions were difficult in the past. Over the years, great changes have taken place in the village under the kind care of the party and the state. From the narrow, rugged, dusty sand road to today’s flat and wide asphalt road, from the thatched earth house without shelter from wind and rain to today’s neat, solid, spacious and bright earthquake resistant houses, from the lack of water and electricity, to today’s clean and warm home appliances, the whole village presents a new look, new fashion and new image.

Faced with the actual difficult situation of farmland shortage, the state has invested in the construction of commercial streets, industrial parks and animal breeding bases to help villagers work and start businesses, increase their income and have a well-off life. For others who are older or have no ability to work, the government will distribute cattle and sheep free of charge to them, and villagers can choose to raise themselves or raise in the breeding base and get dividends at the end of the year. For those villagers who have a certain skill or are willing to learn a skill, training is free. For example, Rouzimaimaiti tuerdimaimaiti, a villager, originally worked in a company to repair air conditioners, but was dismissed by the company because of his poor skill and laziness. The unemployed Rouzimaimaiti Tuerdimaimaiti applied to the township government for training opportunities. After his skill and working ability were greatly improved, he was not only reemployed by the original company, but also became a technical expert, and was highly valued by his boss. Even his brother said that compared with the past he had changed into another person, sensible, diligent, no longer muddle around and that he made all the family very happy.

Alinisha Maimaitiyiming had studied makeup techniques before she got married, but he had been idle at home since she was married. When she saw that some people around her had found jobs and had their own income, and their days were getting better and better, she was very envious, so she decided to go back to her old business. With the help of the government, she opened a large beauty salon in the local region. Her business was very prosperous and she became a well-known female boss.

The villagers today no longer have the concept of “relying on the weather for food and collecting money by sitting on the ground”. All of them don't want to lag behind and want to live a better life. The lazy men who used to be lazy and bask in the sun all the day are invisible in the village, the unemployed youth who used to be idle all along can not be found, and the men of abusing alcohol who used to be drunk all day are out of our sight. With the help of the party and the government, all the villagers have found a way to make a living and make money. We have got rid of poverty and live a good life now.

I want to talk to Pompeo, the so-called “genocide” in Xinjiang" is completely a lie. The lies you make up didn’t happen in Xinjiang, are not happening now, and will never happen in Xinjiang.