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Resist Gossip and Maintain a Harmonious Home

Ruzgul Ubul, Cadre of Qapqal County, Ili Prefecture

As a Uygur cadre, I was born in Qapqal Xibe Autonomous County on the Ili River. There are Uygur, Xibe, Kazakh, Han and so on. We exchange, live and study together, which make us closer to each other. It also let us become a family.

At the age of 13, I enjoyed the national policy of the inland junior class especially for students of Xinjiang and I came to the bustling city of Urumqi to have junior high school studies from the remote countryside. I received high-quality education for free. As the school was not only free of tuition and miscellaneous fees, but also free of food, lodging and clothes. The fare home is still free in winter and summer vacation. Later, I went to a key high school, and was admitted to the ideal university. Then I returned to my hometown to work. I have been working with Han, Xibe and Kazakh every day since I went to work. Whenever I encounter any difficulties in my work, my colleagues will help me like my own sisters.

Qapqal Xibe Autonomous County is a multi-ethnic habitation, a region where many cultures meet. There are 94 intangible cultural heritage projects such as Xibe embroidery, Kazakh embroidery, the carpentry techniques of Uygur, the calligraphy of Manchu and Xibe, 7 of which are at the national level. The protection and development of the traditional cultures of ethnic groups are highly encouraged and supported by Chinese government. There are national dance training courses like, the Xibe Belem, Uygur Maxilap, Kazakh black walking horse, etc, opened to pupils of all ages in primary and secondary schools. Every village of all ethnic groups has a dance team. The excellent traditional culture of ethnic groups has been fully protected and inherited. The cultures of different ethnic groups can be exchanged and blended with each other.

Recently, US Politician Pompeo once again released poison, wantonly attacked the ethnic and religious policies in Xinjiang. The so-called “genocide” is a sheer nonsense. How can the stability, unity and prosperity of Xinjiang become a tool for a clown to grandstand? We do not allow him to comment on our lives, on our hometown, and on the countless people who have struggled to achieve a happy life!