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Gagging Bad-mouthing Pompeo with Facts

Adil Amir, Administrative Chief of Yuerqi Township, Keping County

Recently, making his groundless statements “condemning atrocities in Xinjiang”, the former US Secretary of State Pompeo alleged that China committed “crimes against humanity” and “genocide” against Muslims and ethnic minorities in Xinjiang. This is another farce staged by Pompeo to contain, suppress and smear China. All the cadres and the masses in Yuerqi township of Keping County strongly condemn and oppose his despicable lies. Now I warn you Mr. Liar Pompeo, any of your attempts to sour ethnic relations and destroy social stability and happy lives of people in Xinjiang shall finally fall flat.

Born in a remote village in Alar, I have been working in Keping for more than twenty years after graduating from Fudan University. The folks here should still keep a clear memory of Keping in her old days, characterized with drought and poor drinking water quality due to high soil salinization and minerals, seriously hampering local eco-social development. With teeth yellowed by terrible drinking water, the girls here could hardly find their desirable mates. To solve such a difficulty, Keping County launched a 20-year water improvement project by diverting sweet snow water to Keping from Wensu County 150 kilometers away, since the beginning of the national program of poverty alleviation. In December 2018, with the completion of the project, sweet drinking water became available to the 56,000 people in Keping and a new epoch of sweet drinking water was thus opened.

As an ethnic minority cadre, I participated in, bore witness to and benefited from the socio-economic growth of Keping with every other cadre and folk of the county. We have the best say over Keping and Xinjiang. In Yuerqi today, electric appliances like TV, washing machine and refrigerators are found in each household; some have even purchased air-conditioners and private cars. Electric heating radiators are also installed in some households. All of these have turned into reality, which were beyond imagination in the past.

Mr. Liar Pompeo, don’t you try to destroy the happy lives of all people in Xinjiang with your nonsense and deliberate smear and slander of the policies of our Party! In no way shall you get you way!