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Let’s Expose the Ugly Essence of the Liar Pompeo!

Shanawaer Xuekelaiti, The fifth Clinical Medical College of Xinjiang Medical University

On January 19, Pompeo once again published the fallacy concerning Xinjiang, attacking and deliberately discrediting Xinjiang on groundless basis, saying that Xinjiang’s policy towards Muslims and ethnic minorities constitutes a “genocide” and “anti-humanity”crime. This is sheer nonsense! This undoubtedly once again exposed Pompeo’s ugly essence of a liar wantonly slandering when he was about to leave office.

My name is Shanawaer Xuekelaiti. I work in the fifth Clinical Medical College of Xinjiang Medical University. My parents have always been instructing us that it is because of the good education policy in Xinjiang that we children sister can receive a good education. My mother often said that with the help of the party and the government, she could have the chance to go to school as a child born in the countryside, and was admitted to Xinjiang Agricultural University, and finally became a teacher in Xinjiang Agricultural University. She devoted her whole life to the cause of education.

My growth is inseparable from the good policies of Xinjiang. In 2005, I was admitted to Northwest Normal University with excellent performance, and I won the scholarship for four consecutive years. So in the four years of University, with the scholarship, I didn’t ask my parents to pay tuition and accommodation fees for me. In addition, our country provided us with living subsidies every month, which got rid of my financial worries and I could fully devote myself to my studies. The four years’ study greatly increased my knowledge and improved my ability. With gratitude, after graduation, I chose to go back to Xinjiang to work as a students’ counselor. We can see that the students can get more and more aids from our central government, the government of Xinjiang, and universities and that targeted poverty alleviation has been achieved so that poor students of all ethnic groups no longer worry about their financial conditions and can afford to go to school.

Finally, I would like to talk to Mr. Pompeo, since you have never visited Xinjiang, you have no qualifications to gossip about human rights affairs in Xinjiang. Do you want to prove that your character is so bad and that you are crazy? No more wishful thinking, Mr. Pompeo, the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang are united as one and as firm as a rock. No Anti-China force can defeat them!