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The Grave for Pompeo Is Dug by Pompeo Himself

Xaynur Hilil, Xinjiang Radio and Television Station

Ignoring the facts, Pompeo recently attacked China on Xinjiang-related issues, falsely claiming that the Chinese government has committed “genocide” and “crimes against humanity” against the Muslim Uyghurs and other ethnic minorities. He also groundlessly attacked and deliberately smeared the Chinese government’s policies governing Xinjiang. As a Uyghur in Xinjiang, I strongly condemn and oppose this. Pompeo is full of bullshit! He’s a clown!

Today’s Xinjiang is full of happy scenes where people live and work in peace and contentment and where all ethnic groups are like a family. People live in harmony under the same blue sky regardless of their ethnicities. Pompeo’s false accusation that the Chinese Communist Party has committed “crimes against humanity” against Muslim Uyghurs and other ethnic minorities is simply ridiculous. Under the good policies of the Communist Party of China, I have grown up and gradually realized my dream, joining the Party and becoming a news reporter. Although I have only been working for three years, I have witnessed and felt the changes around me in these three years. I went to places such as Kashgar and Hotan, where Uyghurs make up the vast majority, and recorded the changes of the lives of the Uyghur and other grassroots people with real words and the most intuitive lens. “Thanks to the Party and the government, we now live in spacious and bright houses, our children go to school for free, we have medical insurance, and we have jobs with stable income,” they said most frequently. I was moved by the plain language and the tears of gratitude they shed during the interview. Now, under the good policies of the Party and the government, stable income makes ordinary people’s life more and more prosperous. If the Communist Party of China has committed “crimes against humanity” against the Uyghurs and others, where does the gratitude of the Uyghurs come from? Where do the changes that are happening to them come from? In the face of facts, Pompeo’s so-called “crimes against humanity” is utter nonsense.

Pompeo’s preposterous claims about “forced labor” in Xinjiang were made out of thin air. In April 2020, I was lucky enough to be sent by Xinjiang Radio and Television Station for doing poverty alleviation work in Pishan County, Hotan Prefecture. During my one-year stay there, I felt first-hand the villagers’ eagerness to live a good life. One of the villagers who impressed me most was Buzanap. Shortly after we arrived, Buzanap came to the village committee and said that she wanted to open a restaurant. After learning about her situation, the major village secretary decided to help her apply for a small interest-free loan.Within two months, Buzanap’s restaurant was open and the business was booming. Doing business increased her income, lifted her family out of poverty, and made her house full of all kinds of home appliances. Now Buzanap has become more confident and more stylishly dressed. There are many hard-working villagers like Buzainap, who are eager to sign up to work as long as the offered jobs are with steady incomes. The eagerness to strive for a better life can’t be pretended, and the desire for a better life can’t be forced.

In our eyes, Pompeo has already become a “lunatic who has gone crazy”. Vicious lies and rumors spread by Pompeo have made him a “doomsday clown”, and those lies will be surely buried in the grave along with him.