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I Myself Decide My Own Happiness

Nursany Juma, Business Owner, Shache County, Kashgar

My name is Nursany Juma, I am a Uygur, 33 years old, and I live in Shache County, Kashgar, Xinjiang, China. In 2009, I began to learn bakery and after 3 years of hard work I obtained the certificate for level-three professional Chinese bakery. Since then, I started a cake shop named “Gulibaikexire” in the downtown of Shache County.

Recently, I read from news that the former US Secretary of State made some vicious remarks on Xinjiang. These remarks are totally nonsense, a filthy smearing on Xinjiang without any reason and proof.

I remember clearly when I was young there was a saying -- too many children are not so good; they will live in poor house when in old. As a child, when I went to villages to visit some of my relatives with my parents, I saw that in villages at that time the houses were so poor, the income was low, and the condition was not so good. My parents told me that because most of these families had too many children, so at that time it was difficult to make sure all children had enough to eat and wear. I was touched by my parent’s words at that time.

With the profound pushing on poverty-alleviation in Xinjiang, the production and living conditions in these poor areas have been improved to a great deal. The education level and cultural qualities are increasing rapidly. The idea of raising children is also changed and “to have children enough but with better condition” has become the common sense for many people. CPC and Chinese government also provide female with free physical examination etc., and more and more choose to marry and have children at more appropriate times. Mr. Pompeo, is that wrong? What is the real evil intention you were holding when you made up these lies?

Now every day I can look after my cake up and also at the same time I can help my children with their study. I want them to feel the care and attention from parents and from the family. My children are doing wonderfully in study and the business in my cake shop is doing well. Look at the happy life I have now, can any one believe the lies of Pompeo?

Here, I solemnly declare: Mr. Pompeo, stop all your insulting actions and words on Xinjiang women. We do not need your false attention, and please take back your tick which is doomed to fail. At present, all women in Xinjiang, who live happily in the big family of great China, are so proud and happy! Your conspiracy in defaming and smearing Xinjiang is doomed to fail!