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Religious Believers Have a Say Concerning Whether Policy of Religion in Xinjiang Is Good or Not

Lutipula Abdureim, Hatip at Tuopuqia Mosque, Iliq Township, Hotan City

Recently, I read online the former US Secretary of State Pompeo’s doomsday remarks that wantonly slandered China’s governance of Xinjiang before he left the office. He disregarded facts and interfered in China’s internal affairs rudely. I feel very indignant at and firmly oppose to this.

Born and growing up in Hotan, I have witnessed the development and changes of the city. In my childhood, the roads were unpaved, now they are asphalted roads. The houses used to be mud ones, now they are spacious and tidy government-sponsored ones. The mosques used to be messy as shoes and personal belongings were scattered and it was hot in summer and cold in winter. They are now much improved because they are equipped with air-conditioners in summer and hot water in the washing-rooms and heating facilities in winter. Religious believers feel very satisfied. Now Hotan sees social stability, economic development and people enjoying happy and harmonious life.

In recent years, officials of different countries and areas, international organizations and religious associations as well as experts and scholars have visited mosques in Hotan. I introduced to them in person Islamic doctrines and rules as well as conditions related to religious services, interpretation of the Koran, fasting and celebrating religious holidays. They visited mosques in Hotan and Hotan branch of Xinjiang Islamic Institute and saw Muslims’ religious freedom and rights are protected. It is safe to say that conditions of religious belief and freedom in Xinjiang are undeniable to anyone who respect facts. Xinjiang’s policy of respect and protection of religious freedom has earned positive evaluations in the international community including the Muslim countries.

Being a religious cleric personnel, I want to say that telling truth is a merit. Religious believers have a say concerning whether policy of religion in Xinjiang is good or not. No one has the right to point figures at China’s governance of Xinjiang. Nor does expert liar like Pompeo.