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The Lies of Pompeo Will be Disdained and Rejected by History in the End

Haylati Axik, Director of Housing and Construction Bureau, Yili

On January 19, 2021, the former US Secretary of State Pompeo once again launched a series of nonsense, making remarks on Xinjiang, ignoring facts, attacking with no reason and intentionally smearing Chinese government’s policies on governing Xinjiang, and brutally intervening China’s internal affairs. In his last moment in the office he still enjoyed playing the role of a clown by staging the “doomsday madness” and the “last judgment day performance” before being doomed.

For many years, Pompeo ignored the facts and truth, randomly making up lies, deceiving people here and there, attacking Xinjiang with so-called “human rights” excuse, and trying his uttermost to hinder Xinjiang’s fast development. The ugly image of Pompeo has long been recognized by people all over the world, especially by Xinjiang people. Every Xinjiang man can and should refute the lies made up by him with facts. What a shame for this “King of Lies”, who will be forever nailed on the disgrace pillar of history.

To respect and protect every citizen’s human rights is the fundamental principle in Chinese Constitution. For some time, Xinjiang was under serious influence of ethnic separatist forces, religious extremist forces and violent terrorist forces, which brought exceptional damage to the safety of Xinjiang people’s life and property. If we allow Pompeo’s lies to run their way and allow the random spread of violent terrorism in Xinjiang, the basic safety of life and property rights for Xinjiang people could not be ensured. How can we talk about other rights? With the hard work of all Xinjiang people, at present, the society is stable, the development continues to grow and religious extremism infiltration is under control effectively. All these make a solid foundation for Xinjiang to solve its in-depth issues that affect society and development at root. Xinjiang people are now living in peace and contentment and in the last four years there is zero incident of terrorism. Pompeo, stop now immediately! No more of that nonsense!

With the tremendous help and support of China and Chinese people, people’s living standard in Xinjiang continues to grow rapidly, the sense of happiness and security increases all the time, the economy is developing steadily, people’s life is getting better and better, and all kinds of business are progressing. The housing and construction field I am working in is also making its own contribution in protecting and improving housing condition in Yili Prefecture. The large amount of investment by the central government, by provincial government and by brother provinces and cities from inland has been made in helping village ethnic people build fixed housing and in reforming and reconstructing the old district in urban area. Housing issues here are solved and the target of “making sure every family has a house” is realized. Meanwhile, heating equipment and natural gas project are provided and carried out for each house and people’s living is more convenient and condition is improved rapidly. With the very fact Xinjiang peolple are living in peace and contentment, Pompeo chose to blind his eyes and be a political blind man, who chose not to see and who could not see. Such a man full of lies and deception was eager to “make up lies” and to leave the so-called “political heritage” before he left his office. His only purpose was to let the world fall apart.

I was born and raised here in Xinjiang and I love this wonderful land. I will never allow Pompeo to sabotage the stability in Xinjiang which is diligently earned, never allow this clown to defame China’s ethnic policies, and never allow this historical sinner to point his finger randomly at Xinjiang, the place of my heart! Pompeo, please leave the world in peace!