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We Will Never Allow Pompeo to Damage Our Happy Life

Abudurezak Matusun, Villager of Kashgar Village, Buzak Township, Hotan County

I feel unimaginable when reading online the former US Secretary of State Pompeo’s slander of Xinjiang for “forced labor”, which is utter fabrication and lie. Don’t you feel ashamed of making up what is non-existent at all, Pompeo? It is absolute lie and smear. I want to ask Pompeo: Do I need to be forced to work with my own hands, making a living by myself and improving my own living conditions?

I am Abudurezak Matusun of Kashgar Village, Buzak Township, Hotan County. With the government’s help and aid, my family has engaged in starting a business of our own and has got rid of poverty. In the past, our family was poor and we did not have any source of income. Later, cadres at the village committee asked my father why he did not earn money by utilizing his iron processing skill. They told him that he would be supported by the government if he wanted to do so. In June 2016, our family registered Skillful Iron Processing Company of Kashgar Village, Buzak Township, Hotan County. It has an area of 200 square meters and an investment of 500 thousands yuan. To support our company to develop, cadres of the village committee and the township government frequented my home to help and provided loan of 100 thousands yuan to settle our financial difficulty together with discount. They also helped us to consult preferential policies concerning industrial and commercial tax and lease of land. All these have played a great role in the development of our company.

Our company processes mainly agricultural tools such as wheat threshing machine and grain threshing machine. The government also helps us sell products. In other words, without the help, support and good policies of the government, my family would not set up the company and enjoy a promising development. The living conditions of our family have improved greatly too as we bought a car and built a new house. As my family became richer, we started to help villagers to get job opportunity in our company. Now there are 14 people in my company, each earning a salary of 5000 yuan.

This year, I applied the professional e-commerce training course so that I can know more about trade and commerce. After one month of learning, I have improved greatly in computer technology and market. In the future I will try my best to expand my company so that I can be the leader in making more people in the village and town become rich, get better jobs, earn more money and live a better life.

I want to ask Pompeo, don’t Americans need job opportunities? Are they forced to work? Do their food, clothes and what they use come from the heaven? I bet the answer is no. Why are we forced to work? Anyone who has brain knows the answers to the questions. Pompeo, it’s time for you to stop lying.