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Our Good Life Does Not Need Pompeo to Make Comments

Jumatai Erbak, Doctor at Nazaderkukesu Wenquan Health Center, Teks County, Ili Prefecture

I have been a country doctor for 20 odd years, working in Teks County, Ili Prefecture. Baozadeer, where I used to practise as a doctor, has an area of 2,000 square kilometers and 4,000 odd herdsmen of ethnic backgrounds. My clinic, the small log cabin was at the center which took the herdsmen living close by two-day horse ride or climbing several hills. What I used to perform my profession included a leather medical kit, a red horse, a bag full of pills and a leather coat. There was no electricity or water twenty kilometers around. Radio was the only device. Nowadays, with the care of the Communist Party and the government, an asphalted road has been built from the county to the pasturing area of Bazadun and herdsmen won’t need to climb the hills. With the government’s subsidy, the health center now covers an area of over 100 square meters and equipped with advanced medical facilities and an ambulance. Various methods are used to facilitate herdsmen’ need for medical care and make things convenient for those living in remote areas.

Recently, the former US Secretary of State Pompeo made remarks online saying that Xinjinag committed “genocide” and “crimes against humanity” against Muslim Uygurs and ethnic minorities in Xinjiang. What he said is pure slander and smear. I want to say: Pompeo, you claimed that Xinjiang is not good in various aspects. In fact you were jealous of our living a beautiful life as you turned a blind eye to fact. Whether we live a happy life or not is what we are authentic to comment on and we do not need your comment at all.