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Pompeo’s Words and Actions Will Surely Be Nailed on the Disgrace Pillar of History

Gulimaila Karin, Teacher of Kizilsu Vocational College

On January 19, 2021, the former US Secretary of State Pompeo made up a vicious remark -- Xinjiang has committed genocide and crimes against humanity toward Muslims and other ethnic groups. This is absolute nonsense and a total confusion of right and wrong.

I was born and raised up here in Xinjiang, I studied here and I became an educator after graduation. I witnessed the earth-shaking and thorough changes happening in Xinjiang. Xinjiang’s stability and development in today is the result of Xinjiang people’s hard and diligent work under the leadership of CPC. No matter which group you are in, no matter the population of a group is big or small, no matter the development level is high or low, we all have the same rights and the same position as participating in national business management according to law, using our own ethnic language and character and inheriting our own ethnic tradition and culture. Let me take my college as an example. It is a comprehensive college in Kizilsu Kirghiz Autonomous Prefecture, with an overall land area of 1025 mu, over 100,000 square meters’ building area, teaching building, practice building, entrepreneurship building, library, indoor gymnasium, student innovation and employment base and other modern facilities. We have over 5200 students who are Han, Uygur, Kirghiz, Kazakh, and Hui and so on. We have over 320 teaching staff who are from various ethnic groups and 17 special teachers who are from Jiangsu to help and support us in teaching. In recent years, we have carried out 3 research projects which are national level, 4 research projects in provincial level and 1 research project organized by related department in Xinjiang government, 7 professional projects in prefecture level, and 8 teaching and research project organized by education department in Prefecture. Our college put the employment for students as the first priority and established cooperation with many businesses and companies by providing them with professionals who are skillful enough when they graduate. Every student has the same right here to receive higher education, and we have built up hundreds of professional and expert ethnic staff in all walks of life, who have done their own contribution to the economic development and living improvement in Xinjiang.

The rumor and lies made up by Pompeo are completely against the facts and truth of Xinjiang people and against the basic human justice and conscience. He was just playing his filthy and ugly tricks again. The ridiculous lies and vicious rumour can not smear the earth-shaking and thorough changes happening in Xinjiang, can not defame the unprecedented changes achieved in Xinjiang, and can not discredit the bright picture of exceptional development in southern and northern Tianshan Mountains in Xinjiang. I firmly believe that the lies and rumours of Pompeo would definitely be swept into the garbage bin of history, along with Pompeo himself.