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Tulsunnyaz Maimaitiyiming, Hatip of the Mosque in the 15th Village of Qarak Town, Shache County, Kashgar Prefecture

I am Tulsunnyaz Maimaitiyiming, the Hatip of the Mosque in the 15th Village of Qarak Town, Shache County, Kashgar Prefecture.

Recently I learned from the news that Mike Pompeo turned a blind eye to the truth and slandered the religious policy in Xinjiang. He declared that Xinjiang government forced “Uygurs to eat pork”, which violated the Muslim principles. He even said that Uygurs were not allowed to hold traditional funerals in Xinjiang. However, what Pompeo said is totally groundless nonsense.

I am a native of Xinjiang as well as a religious personnel. Living in Xinjiang, China, we enjoy a freedom of religious belief. The government has been respecting and protecting the customs and habits of all ethnic groups in terms of diet, festivals, wedding and funeral ceremonies. There is no such thing as "forcing Uygurs to eat pork". What Pompeo said is not only an insult to the laws and regulations of our country, but also an offence to the dignity of the Uygur people. Now Muslim canteens can be found everywhere in Xinjiang. The beef and mutton supplied to Muslims are also processed, stored, transported and sold according to customs. I would like to ask Pompeo: Who on earth has been forced to eat pork? Can you please do not lie through your teeth with pure speculation?

And Xinjiang government has never prohibited ethnic minorities from holding traditional funerals. On the contrary, the government has allocated special land and set up cemeteries for ethnic minorities with burial customs; the government has also allocated funds to build wedding and funeral service centers at basic level, providing relevant facilities so as to facilitate the masses. All ethnic groups have been living in Xinjiang on an equal basis. Nowadays, people of all ethnic groups are more united; we love and help each other, and live a happy life together. Every weekend, holiday and after work, we people of all ethnic groups dance at the party with the melody from dutar. The hymn for national unity and the happy life can be heard everywhere!

So, Mike Pompeo, stop slandering Xinjiang right now, shut up and mind your own business. Your evil intention to make political capital out of Xinjiang related issues has been exposed to the international society, and what you did will be despised by the world!