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Our Life to Live, Our Right to Speak

Abdula Yibulayin, Villager of Jiayi Village in Yiqiairike Town, Xinhe County, Aksu Prefecture

Recently, I read from the news that the doomsday clown Pompeo on January 19, 2021 made vicious remarks that Xinjiang is “committing genocide and crimes against humanity” towards Uygur people and other ethnic minorities. When I read this, I was so indignant. As a Uygur, I want to ask Pompeo: Who gave you the right to speak on Xinjiang? How much do you know about Xinjiang’s real situation?

My name is Abdula Yibulayin and I am 41 years old now. I was born and raised up here and my parents and my grandparents and my great grandparents have been living here for many and many generations. A few years ago, I started a “family workshop” of making musical instruments and in the beginning there were only 7 workers including me. With the care and attention from the party and the government, the small workshop developed gradually into a medium cooperative where there are 5 shareholders and over 30 workers. The types and quantities of hand-made musical instruments increase rapidly. The net profit per year grows from lower than 10,000 RMB yuan to over 500,000 RMB yuan, and the average income for workers is over 30,000 each year at present. On an accidental occasion, I took part in a training session for entrepreneurship and electronic business, which widened my view all of a sudden, making me realize that if the traditional musical instruments want to survive the selling platform of internet must be used well. Therefore, with the help of the working team in our village, I tried to use the knowledge learned from the session and employed a few college students who majored in electronic business. I also registered an electronic platform on Internet for selling hand-made musical instruments, and everyday we are so busy at wrapping up, filling in order forms and mailing the instruments. When the villagers see that we are doing well, they also send instruments made at their home to sell in my place. With the internet platform, the sale for musical instrument grows up 25% compared to traditional methods. Today, the total sale for one year in the cooperative is over 1 million RMB yuan and the instrument master maker’s salary is near 40,000 RMB yuan per year. Doing this, not only I have been lifted out of poverty, but also I am leading the people in my village on the way to get better-off.

I want to say that we Uygur people are living a wonderful life in our great country. The CPC and the government respect and protect the rights for all ethnic groups and make all the efforts in helping us develop. That is so different from what Pompeo said. I myself and Uygur people around me are the best evidence to refute Pompeo, who is a doomsday clown. He would not like us to have nice life and he made all the smear and defaming on various occasions. Lies and rumors can not bring peace, nor development. They can only bring us endless disaster. We will open our eyes widely and tell right from wrong. Let Pompeo, the doomsday clown, be doomed!