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Pompeo, the Worst and Most Shameless US Secretary of State in History

Apulajiang Ayoufu, Bayinguoleng Daily

On January 19, Mike Pompeo, the former US Secretary of State made remarks on the website of the US State Department and his personal twitter, wantonly discrediting our government's policy over Xinjiang. He claimed that China's policy towards Muslims and ethnic minorities in Xinjiang had committed "crimes against humanity" and "genocide", which is pure nonsense. Pompeo's frenzied attack and smear on Xinjiang once again showed the world his doomsday madness of carrying "diplomacy of lies" to the end, and once again exposed his hideous true self as "the worst, and most shameless Secretary of State in the history of the United States".

I grew up in Korla and my family has lived here for generations. People of all ethic groups here have been living in harmony, union and happiness. I have never heard that we Uygurs being forced to work. One always works for his own better life, it is none of others’ business. So how could one be forced to work? Forced sterilization and "genocide" are all nonsense that sound even more ridiculous. For example, my wife and I are both highly educated, now I work in a newspaper office and my wife takes a job in a government-affiliated institution. Together we can earn more than 10 thousand yuan a month. And our two children work very hard in school. They can speak not only mandarin but also their native ethic language. Besides, they also speak English very well.

Bayinguoleng Daily is a comprehensive newspaper at prefecture level with different versions rendered in Chinese, Uygur and Mongolian. It once won the honor of "Top Ten Newspapers" in the autonomous region. And as far as I know, Xinjiang Daily is the first provincial newspaper that published with ethnic minority languages in Xinjiang. Now it consists of various versions of Chinese, Uygur, Mongolian, Kazakh and so on. What’s more, Xinjiang radio and television institutions always broadcast in Chinese, Uygur and other languages of ethnic groups, and Xinjiang Broadcast and Television Station is the first provincial TV station that broadcasts on satellite in China. While promoting the education of standard spoken and written chinese language, Xinjiang government has also set up minority language courses in accordance with the requirements of the national curriculum plan for primary and secondary schools, teaching students Uygur, Kazakh, Mongolian, Kirgiz, Xibe and so on. In this way, the minority students' right to learn their own ethnic languages is ensured, and the inheritance and development of minority languages and culture have been effectively promoted.

Mr. Pompeo, the lies you made up, the "farce" you put forward and the "tumor" of your groundless slanders cannot deceive us, nor cannot they wreck the happy life of the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang. You, the former Secretary of State of the United States, who is proud of "lying, cheating and stealing", have failed!