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Let Me Tell You That We are Living a Happy Life

Batur Mutelip, a Peasant from Yizhou District of Hami City

I am Batur Mutelip, an ordinary farmer in Yizhou District of Hami City. There are four people in my family-- my wife and I, and our two sons.

I learned from the news that the former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has been frequently fabricating rumors about Xinjiang this time, declaring that Chinese government has been suppressing Uygurs, and the worst thing is the word "genocide" he used. Now I want to tell you from my own experience that none of Pompeo's words is true. He was lying despite of the truth, and all he wanted is to sow dissension among the ethnic groups so as to achieve his dirty goal.

My wife suffered from congenital skeletal dislocation and thus could not carry out normal work like other people did. We raised two children and had to pay for their tuition. So my family was far from being well-off. Then we were listed as a poor household in June, 2016. In order to help my family get rid of poverty as soon as possible, the village committee provided my wife with a public welfare post. Then she started to do some easy cleaning work with an income of 1000 yuan per month. At the same time, the village committee also helped me find a job as a security guard in the hospital of Baiyanggou Village in Tianshan Township, and I could earn 2000 yuan a month there. Soon we were lifted out of poverty in October exactly the same year. Since the family income increased, my wife decided to take a surgery of bone replacement, and the medical expenses amounted to more than 80,000 yuan. However, with the help of the rural cooperative medical service and government’s special care for poor families like us, we only paid 3,700 yuan or so. And my wife is getting better now. What is more, the village committee even bought health insurance for my wife and me. Now my elder son has begun his career life with a stable income, and the younger son has entered middle school. To be honest, I used to be afraid to imagine what life would be like. But now, I, together with my relatives and friends are getting better and better. We are just so happy.

My family has been living in Xinjiang for generations, and the life now is exactly what we people of all ethnic groups want. I have never felt inequality of ethnics from any policies. On the contrary, Xinjiang has been attaching great importance to the poverty alleviation and medical treatment of all ethnic minorities. What happened in my family is the proof. In our daily life, we will come into contact with brothers and sisters of all ethnic groups. And we always help each other and take care of each other. We are just like a family!

I share with you my personal experience so you won’t be deceived by Pompeo and his lies, so you can see how prosperous Xinjiang is, how united we are, and so you can see what a happy life we have. I believe that in the future, all ethnic groups will be more united and our life will become better and better!