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Exposing Pompeo’s Lies

Federation of Literary and Art Circles of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region

Pompeo, a political liar and scoundrel, falsely claimed that the Chinese government has committed “genocide” and “crimes against humanity” against Muslim Uyghurs and other ethnic minorities in Xinjiang. He has ignored the facts and his extremely shameless and shoddy practices have seriously hurt the feelings of the Chinese people, including people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang. Writers, intellectuals and artists of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang unanimously express their great indignation, strong condemnation and resolute opposition! Based on the current situation and facts in Xinjiang, and out of the conscience, morality and responsibility of writers, artists and intellectuals, we solemnly express our attitude and views to the world.

Pompeo is a notorious liar and cheater. Honesty is the most precious quality of a person, and the basic law for an organization or a country to stand on its own in the world. Pompeo’s remarks on Xinjiang, Tibet, Hong Kong and Taiwan are all full of arrogance, absurdity, hypocrisy, strong ideological bias and the Cold War thinking. For his own political interests, Pompeo falsely accused Xinjiang of “suppression of Uyghurs”, “forced labor”, “persecution of Muslims”, “forced sterilization” and “genocide”, wantonly pouring dirty water on Xinjiang, sparing no effort to slander, and carrying out false concern, real interference, and sabotage, which is extremely bad in nature, and very malicious in intention. These unseemly conspiracies and poor tricks once again prove Pompeo’s habit of “lying, cheating and stealing” and his lack of honesty and shame. Pompeo repeatedly fabricated lies, concocted wrong views, and preset human rights traps, which only let the world see the true face of this liar and cheater.

The facts in Xinjiang brook no distortion. The Chinese government has published a number of white papers and the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region has held 23 press briefings to present with solid figures and facts a life of stability, solidarity and harmony enjoyed by all ethnic groups in Xinjiang. The more concocted lies, nonsense and chaos created by Pompeo cannot change the facts of Xinjiang. We want to tell the world those facts. The so-called “suppression of Uyghurs”, “forced labor”, “persecution of Muslims”, “forced birth control ” and “genocide” are all false accusations. Under the witness of the blue sky, people living in Xinjiang and foreign guests from all over the world, Xinjiang is not only “the land of song and dance”, but also “the land of melons and fruits”. The development and progress in human rights in Xinjiang is true, so is the happy life jointly created by people of all ethnic groups who are closely united as pomegranate seeds. What Pompeo said are all false.

Cultural prosperity and development is a real example of the development of human rights in Xinjiang. Xinjiang respects and protects the cultures of ethnic minorities. The Xinjiang Federation of Literary and Art Circles (CFLAC) has more than 37,000 members at various levels, of which over 26,300 are ethnic minorities including the Uyghurs, accounting for 71% of the total membership.Xinjiang has actively collected, protected and rescued ancient books of various ethnic groups, translating and publishing the Uyghur’s Wisdom of Fortune and Joy, which is on the verge of extinction, and editing and publishing a variety of folk literary works, including the Kirgiz epic Manas and the Mongolian epic Jangar. The Uyghur Muqam art and the Kirgiz epic Manas have been included in the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, so that the excellent traditional cultures of various ethnic groups in Xinjiang have been effectively protected and inherited. Under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, the cultural and literary workers of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang hold high the banner of patriotism and ethnic unity, take root in the fertile soil of the Xinjiang culture, and create a large number of masterpieces reflecting the spirit of the Chinese nation, showing the development and progress of Xinjiang and the happy life of people of all ethnic groups. They have become bright pearls in the treasure house of the Chinese national art, not only providing rich nourishment for the Chinese nation but also contributing a brilliant chapter to the world civilization.

In order to sow discord among all ethnic groups in Xinjiang, undermine its prosperity and stability, and contain China’s development, Pompeo avowedly insists on double standards and tries to stigmatize and demonize Xinjiang under the pretext of safeguarding human rights. This is totally wrong! The social stability and harmony in Xinjiang cannot be shaken by Pompeo’s demagoguery, nor can the facts of ethnic unity and religious harmony in Xinjiang be denied by his deception, nor can the real efforts of Xinjiang to improve people’s livelihood and seek happiness for all ethnic groups be smeared by his false allegation. Writers and artists will resolutely join the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang as staunch defenders of the unification of the motherland, using pen as a knife and writing as a sword to fight resolutely against all forces who want to split Xinjiang. They will work hard with heart and emotion to write the vivid stories of striving for common unity, prosperity and development of people of all ethnicities in Xinjiang, and play a significant role in the construction of socialist Xinjiang with Chinese characteristics in the new era.