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Let Pompeo’s Lies Go to Hell!

Patiguly Agarhon,Teacherof Xinjiang Applied Vocational Technology College

I am Patiguly Agarhon and I am a Uygur. In 2014 I graduated from Xinjiang University and began to work in Xinjiang Applied Vocational Technology College. On May 25th, 1991, I was born into a normal village family and now I am an ethnic officer who have received higher education. From primary school to university I was fully awarded all the beneficiary policies from CPC and government. From the time I began to work in this college I have been in the post of in charge of management of ethnic minorities students. I am perfectly satisfied with my job and my life. Without the excellent policies of CPC, I can not have all this today.

I remember once I was on business and I went to Wolituokelake Town, Jiashi County, Kashgar. Villagers told me that they used to live quite difficultly. Now they are enjoying the development benefits. Life is getting better and better. If you want to build house, there is housing subsidy. Children go to school and the charge is free. All these happy and peaceful living is the result of the good polices from the CPC and government. In 2020 I went to Kashgar again, I saw spacious and clean roads and lines and lines of beautiful and bright houses. Many families have private cars now. In streets and roads you can see happy smile is on everyone’s face of Uygur people.

The vicious remarks made up by Pompeo on Xinjiang show the evil intentions of some American politicians in trying to sabotaging Xinjiang’s stability and harmony, hurting Xinjiang people’s feelings to a great extent. But any conspiracy to mess up Xinjiang is doomed to fail. Whether the shoes are fit or not, only the wearer knows. As for our life here in Xinjiang, we Xinjiang people have the right to speak. Not you, Pompeo! Please shut up!