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I am a Witness to the Development of Xinjiang

Yili Kadier, a Retired Worker of Shache County, Kashgar Prefecture

My name is Yili Kadier and I am Uygur. And I am a retired worker of the road maintenance team in the mine area of Shache County. Now I live in Qianjin Road Community, Chengxi Street, Shache County and I am 70 years old.

I became a driver when I was 18 years old. In October 1997, I retired from the road maintenance team in the mining area of Shache County. I am a witness of the development and changes of Shache County in the past 70 years, and also a beneficiary of national unity!

In the land of Xinjiang, people of all ethnic groups have long been in harmony, making no distinction “you” and “me”. When it is Corban Festival, the Han people would come to celebrate the festival with us. When the Han people celebrate the Spring Festival, we also go to present congratulations and good wishes. “The Han is inseparable from the ethnic minorities, the ethnic minorities are inseparable from the Han, and all nationalities are inseparable from each other”, just like one strand of silk doesn't make a thread; one tree doesn't make a forest. Only when the bricks are stacked together can we build a tall building; and only when then sea embraces every drop of water can it last forever. This is unity! Unity creates harmony, and harmony promotes development. Harmonious development can only be achieved with the help of unity.

Pompeo has been telling lies for a long time, claiming that “the languages, customs and culture of ethnic groups in Xinjiang are on the verge of being lost", which has seriously endangered the gratifying situation of stability and unity in Xinjiang. Here, I solemnly declare that the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang cherish the hard won peace. And we hope to show the world what Xinjiang is really like through the media. We also welcome friends from all over the world to visit Xinjiang and find out what Xinjiang is like. I want to say: “Pompeo, you are just like a clown of the circus when you are making up rumors. Don’t you find yourself ridiculous?” At the same time, I want tell the media workers who choose to be blind and deaf before the truth that your false reports on Xinjiang with prejudice are terrible conducts, you have lost the bottom line and professional ethics.

Here, I want to ask, what's your intention of fabricating these rumors, Pompeo? And we lost our ethnic language? Ridiculous! As a native Uygur in Xinjiang and a spokesman for national unity, I think I have the most say. Whenever I drive to pick up and see off a passenger, whether he’s a adult or a child, a teacher or a parent, a patient or a doctor, I can hear the speaking of my ethnic language. No matter in the classroom, in the streets, in the ward or in the corridor of the hospital, I can hear my own ethnic language. Besides, every year, we will celebrate the traditional festivals of our ethnic, namely, the Corban Festival and the Eid al-Fitr. So what is wrong with you? Can't you bear to see our happy and stable days now? Don't we deserve a happy life? You just ignored the truth and maliciously fabricated rumors, discrediting Xinjiang and smearing its people. How ridiculous and disgraceful you are! And you are doomed to swallow your failure!