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Mike Pompeo, I Want to Say to You...

Reyilanmu Maitiniya, a village cadre in Toxun Township, Baicheng County

Now, there are always some people with hidden evil intention who smear Xinjiang with despicable means of fabricating facts and distorting black and white. The typical representative of them is Mike Pompeo of the United States. On January 19, 2021, Pompeo issued a statement falsely claiming that China's policy towards Muslims and ethnic groups in western Xinjiang constituted "crimes against humanity" and "genocide". This was a premeditated attempt to distort and smear and make groundless accusations against the human rights situation and ethnic development in Xinjiang in disregard of objective facts. Pompeo is a shameless man with ulterior motives and malicious intentions, who confuses right and wrong and distorts the facts. Everyone knows his evil intentions. I express my firm opposition to his despicable behavior.

In recent years, with the continuous stability of the society and the sound development of the economy, great changes have taken place in our lives. People of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang enjoy better living standards day by day, embrace each other like the seeds of a pomegranate, and their sense of gain and happiness is increasing. Taking me as an example, as a farmer with only an ordinary high school diploma, I was elected as a cadre of the village committee through the villagers' independent election. Every month, the country gives me salary, and the village committee also pays "five social insurance and one housing fund" for me. They come to my home on New Year's Day and give me the opportunity to go out and study, which improves my ability. There are so many examples around me that there is no such thing as "forced labour". I am the mother of one child now and can have two more if I want to. Now I live in a place where every family has two or three children. As long as we comply with the law, no one can interfere in our freedom to give birth, and there is no fallacy of "forced sterilization".

Finally, I would like to give a solemn warning to Pompeo. Please respect yourself! You are not one of us, you can never experience the happiness brought by the wonderful life of the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang. Then, please stop the gratuitous smearing of Xinjiang!