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Strongly Condemn and Firmly Oppose Pompeo’s Vicious Desperate Remarks on China

Abduxikur Rexiding, Deputy Director of Reporting and Communication Center in Kashgar Daily News Agency

The former US Secretary of State Pompeo was envious about Xinjiang people living in stability, peace, harmony and happiness. He continuously made up lies, saying that Chinese government is “committing crimes against humanity” towards ethnic groups in Xinjiang. He tried to smear Xinjiang, provoke relations among ethnic groups, sabotage Xinjiang’s prosperity and stability and contain China’s development and growth. As for these filthy and evil actions, we strongly condemn and firmly oppose!

I am an ethnic CPC civil servant who was born and raised up in Xinjiang. As a member of “assisting and aiding” group that mainly helps the development of villages and countryside, I worked for 3 years in Kumuairike Village, Yingmail Town, Payzawat County and witnessed the earth-shaking changes happening on people’s life. Almost every day, I could see that all people’s faces were overflowing with happy smile, which made me so excited. At present, every village has a kindergarten and pre-school children will go there free of any charge. Children enjoy themselves in spacious and bright classroom, and have breakfast, lunch and supper there for free. Government has set up various benefiting policies to open more channels for employment, to increase people’s income and to improve people’s living. For instance, Nurmaiti, a villager who was considered to live under the average standard in the village years ago, used to live in destitute and he did not know anything about skills at that time. Seeing that people around him were getting better and better life, he was also anxious. With the help of the “assisting and aiding group”, he took part in the greenhouse planting technique training session, which was free, and he learned how to plant and manage well the greenhouse. We helped him to get a loan from banks with no interest, and he started his greenhouse planting. He also improved his orchard management. With these two businesses his income increased rapidly. Now he is not only out of poverty, he also becomes a planting “master” in his village now. At present there are various subsidies for peasants if they want to work in the field. All the villagers are covered in the medical insurance and if someone has an emergency he or she can get aid as soon as possible. These measures are the care and attention on villagers coming from the CPC and the government.

Every Xinjiang people, me included, holds and cherishes the bright picture of Xinjiang dearly! If any one dares to sabotage our beautiful and happy life, we will never allow that to happen!