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Stop Interrupting our Prosperous and Happy Life, Mike Pompeo!

Abulikemu Tuersun, Former Trainee of the Vocational Education and Trainning Center in Yigaierqi Town, Shache County, Kashgar Prefecture

My name is Abulikemu Tuersun. Living in Yigaierqi Town, Shache County, I am a native of Xinjiang.

Recently, Mike Pompeo has been telling lies about Xinjiang, declaring that Xinjiang government has committed the so called “genocide” and “crimes against humanity” on Uygurs. As a native of Xinjiang, I feel extremely indignant and I firmly oppose such remarks. Here I would like to ask Pompeo: how much do you know about Xinjiang? We do not need you to tell us what to do to live a happy life.

I am a person who made mistakes before. But luckily, I received vocational education and training. And I will always keep in mind how the government has helped me. It is the vocational education and training that has made me a different man. Both my families and I are very grateful for it.

I used to speak no Putonghua at all. But with the help of the vocational education and training center, I soon learned a lot of Chinese characters and could communicate in Standard Spoken and Written Chinese Language. By studying the laws and regulations, I came to realize what is allowed and what is forbidden, what is legal and what is illegal. So I began to reflect on the mistakes I made in the past. Besides, I also learned knowledge and skills about e-commerce according to my hobbies and interest. During my stay in the vocational education and training center, my rights of rest, asking for leave, using my own ethnic language, and eating according to my ethnic habits were fully respected and ensured. With the life of group living and guidance of teachers, I have become a lot more cheerful, and I have learned to repay my kindness.

After graduation, my friend and I set up an advertising company with the help of the town government. The company specializes in advertising design and also serves as an agent for product marketing. And the company provides five people with employment at once.

I would like to warn Pompeo and other politicians that Xinjiang has been an indispensable part of China and only the people of Xinjiang know their own life best. So stop your slanders on our happy life and stop telling us what to do!