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Mike Pompeo is just a “Clown” who Can Make No Difference

 Yusupu Aisha,former Voice President of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region

Pompeo is always blind to facts and always tells monstrous lies. And he even made up Xinjiang related lies at the end of his term, how “hard-working” he is. Pompeo is so "concerned" with ethnic minorities in Xinjiang simply because he wants to sow dissension among various ethnic groups so as to wreck the unity and stability of Xinjiang, and interfere with the development and growth of our country. His terrible morality and evil intention with no bottom line is just disgusting. What Pompeo did is not only a great insult and a serious provocation to the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang, but also a ruthless violation and complete betrayal of human morality and basic conscience.

“You cannot tell whether your shoes will fit until you put them on”, and people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang are the one who know Xinjiang best. Born and raised in Xinjiang, I have witnessed with my own eyes the brilliant achievements made by the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang in stability, development and people's livelihood with the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee and the selfless support of the people of the whole country. Xinjiang government has been considering the safety of people's lives as the most important human right. On the one hand, it works to crack down on violent terrorist crimes in accordance with the law; on the other hand, it has been conscientiously implementing the UN’s Plan of Action to Prevent Violent Extremism, taking measures in accordance with the law to prevent and combat terrorism and eradicate extremism, so people affected by extremism can be from the prison of the poisonous ideas and get a job with handsome income to live a happy life. There has been no violent terrorist case in Xinjiang in the past four years, which means that people's desire and expectation for peace and stability is realized. Xinjiang has become one of the places with "the best public security management, the safest social environment and the most stable situation" to tourists. Besides, Xinjiang government has always been closely related to people's livelihood so as to promote quality development. More than 70% of the financial funds is spent on people's livelihood, education, medical care, social security, housing and so on. Resolute poverty and regional overall poverty were thus eliminated. And happiness were lit up on the faces of people of all ethnic groups. What’s more, the rights and interests of ethnic minorities have been effectively protected in the historical process of Xinjiang's stable development, the Uygur population in Xinjiang has been growing steadily in recent years.In addition, the languages, traditional culture and customs of ethnic minorities are also well protected and inherited, and people of all ethnic groups fully enjoy the rights of existence, development and so on.

Pompeo’s slander cannot distort the truth that Xinjiang is in a gratifying situation that is stable and prosperous. We 1.4 billion people of 56 ethnic groups will unite and hold together like pomegranates to strive for the great rejuvenation of the China. And Pompeo is nothing but a a mantis trying to stop the chariot of our great development. With the doomsday madness and century lies, this American politician notorious or lying and deceiving is turning himself to a doomsday clown and a century joke. Pompeo will be thrown into the dustbin of history together with all his lies and pernicious rumors, and he will be judged by history in the end.

I am warning Pompeo that Xinjiang affairs are a part of China's domestic affairs that no other country should interfere with. Your attempt to use the so-called Xinjiang related issues to stir up ethnic relations so as to undermine the stability of Xinjiang and restrain China's development and growth is doomed to fail. Now we are well aware your hypocrisy and evil intentions. What you did is making you a “clown” in the world. And making trouble out of nothing can only result in sowing the wind and reaping the whirlwind.