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Ethnic Groups in Xinjiang are Bathed in the Sunshine of the Party

Parhati Emit, Organization Department of Bayingolin Prefecture Party Committee

During the last day of his tenure, Pompeo was still doing his best to attack China. Before leaving, he also put two “big hats” on Xinjiang, falsely claiming that China’s policy towards Muslims and ethnic groups in western Xinjiang constitutes “crimes against humanity” and “genocide”.

Pompeo’s fabrication of all kinds of lies, including those concerning Xinjiang, was not only a great insult to the people of Xinjiang, but also a betrayal and challenge to morality and basic conscience. Pompeo turned a blind eye to facts, embraced lies as the greatest treasures, used human rights as a pretext to interfere in China’s internal affairs, undermined Chinese security and stability, trying to hinder China’s development.

I am a minority cadre as well as a member of the CPC. Let me talk about the real Xinjiang I see. My parents are ordinary workers. Grandpa was the first generation of ethnic group car drivers after liberation. Grandpa used to tell us that before liberation, we often did not have enough to eat. From morning till night, he worked for the lord Bayi and couldn’t get half a piece of Nan. Personal dignity worth nothing. When the lord Bayi was not happy, a buggy whip would be given on him. My father used to tell me that I’m living in a happy generation. Under the leadership of the Communist Party, we have been liberated. My father was the first generation in my family to go to a regular school. For my turn it has become much easier to go to school. I outgrew them and went to college, which is one of the well-known universities in China. All these are inseparable from the Party central committee’s concern and care for ethnic groups. During my college years, I received various kinds of helps, such as, the national scholarship, national grant for western development, national subsidies for minority college students and so on. My five-years of college didn’t cost my family a penny.

After graduating from college, I got enrolled in the Sinopec, the biggest company in China and ranked second in the world top 500 companies. While working and studying in the mainland China, I received selfless help from various ethnic groups. There was no such thing as ethnic discrimination or ethnic oppression as Pompeo said. Pompeo’s statement is a complete lie.

In 2010, for personal reasons, I returned to my hometown of Xinjiang from the big cities in the mainland to take the civil service examination, and was admitted to the government. In the civil service examination, the government has formulated various preferential policies for our ethnic groups. The examination gives extra points to minority candidates. So that I was successfully admitted to the state organs and became a national cadre.

After I joined the work, I took the initiative to apply to the grass-roots exercise, and worked in the countryside for five years. During my work in the rural areas, I saw dramatic changes in the production and life of the grass-roots people of ethnic groups. Now, all kinds of cars can be seen in the most remote villages in Xinjiang. There are rows of neat and beautiful houses for living and enriching people everywhere. Great changes have taken place in the life of ethnic groups. Ethnic groups receive free medical treatment and education. I saw a lot of children of minorities peasants in spacious and bright classes. Some of them have been admitted to famous universities in developed coastal cities in the mainland receiving the best education. What Pompeo said is totally nonsense.

I’m here to solemnly address to clowns like Pompeo, your so-called recognition seems to us like a piece of waste paper. You were notorious for lying and cheating, and you turned yourself into a doomsday clown and century joke with your doom-madness and century lies! Can the current excellent situation of stability and prosperity in Xinjiang be changed by your slander and smear? All The lies and pernicious influence you spread all these years will surely be swept into the dustbin of history and will surely receive a fair trial.