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Shut up, Notorious Pompeo

Youkemu Bawudong,Former Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Autonomous Region

Recently, Mike Pompeo, the former U.S. Secretary of State, who is notorious for lying, cheating and stealing, has published the fallacy of Xinjiang once again before stepping down. He attacked Xinjiang frantically and made groundless accusations against the Chinese government's policy in Xinjiang. Besides, he deliberately smeared the good situation in Xinjiang and the happy life of people of all ethnic groups. It has seriously undermined China's interests and violated the international law and the fundamental principles of international relations. It is a gross interference in China's internal affairs. I express strong indignation and firm opposition to this.

Over the past few years, Pompeo has not only devised "diplomatic lies," but also created and spread a "political virus," and conjured up the revival of McCarthyism. He took lying and smearing as a common order, fanning the flames everywhere, weaving lies, reversing black and white, distorting history, ignoring the facts, all without good faith and morals. Besides, he kept concocting and spreading lies about Xinjiang with the logic of pirates acting wantonly and blatantly and the CIA game of "laying mines and arson". He is notorious and shoddy in the international community. He could be described as a cross-street rat, and everyone shouted and beaten. Pompeo's lies about Xinjiang have been punctured many times by unquestionable facts. His anti-China performances have no market and are even more unpopular. His words and deeds have shown the world what is the apocalyptic madness of the "post-autumn grasshopper" once again.

Facts speak louder than words. No matter how Pompeo lies, he can never hide the fact of the steady development of Xinjiang and change the fact that the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang live happily. Xinjiang's stability and peace today are hard-won. In the past period, violent and terrorist activities occurred frequently in Xinjiang, and the rights to subsistence and development of the people of all ethnic groups were seriously violated. Since the Second Central Symposium on Work in Xinjiang, thanks to the arduous efforts of all sectors, major achievements have been made in Xinjiang's work. Firstly, there has been no violent terrorist case in Xinjiang for more than four years. The infiltration of extremism has been effectively curbed, and public security has improved markedly. Secondly, the economic development of Xinjiang continues to improve. The policy that rural poor people are free from worries over food and clothing and have access to compulsory education, basic medical services and safe housing has been fully implemented. Besides, the population continues to grow steadily,the Uygur population increased much higher than the 2% increase of the Han population. Moreover, the rights and interests of workers are fully protected and workers of all ethnic groups enjoy full employment opportunities. Lots of figures and facts show that Xinjiang is making steady progress in its development in the new era and that people of all ethnic groups are working together for prosperity and a happy life. In the face of facts and truth, Pompeo has turned a deaf ear to the facts and indulged in his self-fabricated anti-China fantasy. His intention is to sow disharmony between ethnic groups and undermine stability in Xinjiang. He is a despicable scoundrel who has no sense of shame.

The cadres and masses of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang are fully aware that unity and stability are a blessing, while division and unrest are a curse. Social stability and lasting peace are the general trend of The Times and the common aspiration of the people. Pompeo and others have chosen to stand on the opposite side of The Times and the people in an attempt to block the steady development of Xinjiang. They really bit off more than they could chew. They will surely be crushed by the wheel of The Times, and will eventually be nailed to the column of humiliation of history. They will always be disdained and rejected by the world. Building a united, harmonious, prosperous, culturally advanced and progressive socialist Xinjiang with Chinese characteristics for the new era is the aspiration of cadres and people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang, as well as the shared aspirations of 1.4 billion Chinese people. I firmly believe that under the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core, with the care and support of all the Chinese people, and with the joint efforts of cadres and people of all ethnic groups in the region, we will surely build Xinjiang into an even better motherland and write a splendid chapter in the development of Xinjiang in the new era.