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Pompeo, Your Wishful Thinking will Never Come True!

 Tuerxunmaimaiti Nuermaimaiti,Villager, Kazakmaili Village, Kansu Town, Xinyuan County, Yili Prefecture

Mike Pompeo is such an idiot who declared that Xinjiang government had committed “forced labor” over people in Xinjiang. But the truth is that he has totally lost his mind. Mike Pompeo just ignored the truth and cannot tell right from wrong. And what he did is aimed to slander Xinjiang so as to wreck the stability and prosperity of Xinjiang. As a Uyghur boy born and raised in Xinjiang, I have to step forward and say something about it.

I am a villager from Kazakmaili Village, Kansu Town of Xinyuan County and there are six people in my family. Now I am engaged in fruit wholesale business. At the same time, we also keep 25 cattle. Now my eldest sister works for an express company of Jingdong in Xinyuan County, my second sister goes to work in a telecom company in Xinyuan County, and the youngest sister works in a glove factory in Areletuo town. Now the life is getting better and better, and our days are thriving. However, my family used to be very poor. When I started to engage in fruit wholesale business, I ran into difficulties due to lack of funds. After learning about my difficulties, the local village committee gave me some advice and helped me get loan of 50,000 yuan from the credit cooperative, which was a timely help that provided me with enough venture capital.

Now I have paid off the loan. And with an annual income of about 100,000 yuan, I have bought many new electrical appliances, renovated my house, and even bought a car. Now we are living a happy life and I wake up with a smile everyday.

Only people of Xinjiang are best qualified to speak on the life here. As a native of Xinjiang, I have been living here for 20 years. And I feel deeply that Xinjiang is developing faster than ever and our days are getting better and better, people of different ethnic groups are living in a harmony. The broad masses of Xinjiang are just so vigorous and full of energy.

Facts speak louder than words and justice lies in the heart of the people. What is true will always be true and what is false will always be false.