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Pompeo, Put Down Your Prejudice and Stop Making Up Lies

Yilihamu Yimingjiang,Governor, Kuokesu Town, Tekesi County, Yili

Recently, Pompeo, former US Secretary of State,confused right and wrong, made up false information without any proof and launched a series of vicious remarks on Xinjiang, falsely claiming that Xinjiang “committed the crime of genocide towards ethnic minorities”. These are total nonsense and absolute prejudice, another monstrous lie and a ridiculous farce staged by Pompeo to try to intervene seriously China’s internal affairs and to hurt gravely true feelings of all Xinjiang ethnic groups. As an ethnic officer, I express my strong indignation and firm opposition to Pompeo’s words and actions.

My name is Yilihamu Yimingjiang and I am a Uygur. I have working in Kuokesu Town, Tekesi County, Yili Prefecture, Xinjiang for 15 years and in these 15 years I witnessed the earth-shaking and thorough changes happening here and I myself started from a tax collector in village and am working as the CPC general secretary and governor of the town now. I still remember clearly the scene when I first came here in 2001. At that time there was no asphalt road, no running water and very little electricity. People were living and houses made from crude earth or clay and the average income for villagers was quite low. Now we are living in spacious cement and brick houses, walking on broad and even asphalt roads, and using and drinking running water. If you want to engage in farming, you can apply for government subsidy. What’s more, the range of government subsidy covers working on fields, raising sheep or cattle, buying farming machine and building houses. There is once in a year free medical physical examination for everyone. If one is ill, he or she have the cooperative medical care insurance to cover almost the cost; if one is difficult in economic means, he or she can apply for the minimum-insurance for living; and if one is alone (without family) he or she can go to well-fare facilities. Especially in the last year’s fighting against COVID-19, CPC and government hold firmly the principle that people and people’s life are the most important, took decisive, scientific and immediate measures and protected to the uttermost people’s life and physical health. As for these facts, Pompeo chose not to see and he could not see.

By making up lies about Xinjiang, Pompeo’s evil intention is to provoke relation among all ethnic groups in Xinjiang, to sabotage Xinjiang’s security and stability which is hard earned. His words and actions are not only the betrayal and challenge to justice and fundamental conscience, but also show his filthy and notorious character in lying and deceiving. His malicious smearing and open provocation on the harmonious relation among all ethnic groups in Xinjiang are well known to people around the world. He was just like a clown and his dirty tricks could only cheat and deceive himself. As a Xinjiang people, once again I want to warn Pompoe: put down your prejudice and stop making up lies!