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Pompoe, Stop Your Daydreaming!

Refuhati Maimaiti,Director, Publicity Bureau, Yining County, Yili

Recently,former US Secretary of State Pompeo made up false remarks in smearing and defaming Xinjiang, which are totally nonsense and without any proof, trying to intervene China’s internal affairs and sabotage Xinjiang’s stability. As for his words and actions, I express my strong condemnation and firm opposition.

As an officer born and raised up here in Xinjiang, I love my homeland. I love the beautiful rivers, mountains, flowers and trees, I love ethnic flavor and style, and most importantly, I love my family, my relatives, my colleagues, and my friends who are from all ethnic groups in Xinjiang. My two children are enjoying the free compulsory education and every year all Xinjiang people have once in a year the free medical physical examination, and one is ill the medical insurance covers almost all the cost. When I was young I saw that the roads here are all dirt and mud and the house was made from crude earth and clay. But now, look at us! Broad and even asphalt road is built in every village of Xinjiang, people live in spacious and bright cement and brick houses, to go to kindergarten, primary school and secondary school is free of tuition fee, villagers can watch movies in the square of the village which is regularly played, and there are reading room, cultural activities room, cultural square, and special space for senior citizens in the village. So long as the villagers want to read, to dance, and to sing, they can just do it in the village facilities. All Xinjiang people are living in peace and contentment, our sense of achievement, happiness and security has been improved greatly and all these accomplishments are seen by people all over the world.

In China we have this famous saying----If you play by fire, you will get burned by it! We would like to tell Pompeo: stop making up fuss and making up lies. Uygur people is one member of all ethnic groups in the big family of great China and Xinjiang is China’s Xinjiang, which is not a place for you to smear, vilify and defame. Pompeo, shut up and stop your daydreaming!