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I Am So Lucky That I Live In Such a Beautiful and Happy Place as Xinjiang

 Julaiti Aihaiti,Deputy Governor, Chabuchar County, Yili Prefecture, Xinjiang

Recently former US Secretary of State Pompeo confused right and wrong and falsely claimed that “China is committing the crimes of anti-humanity and genocide towards Muslims and other ethnic minorities in Xinjiang”. Obviously his evil purpose is to provoke relation among ethnic groups in China, to smear human rights in China, to defame various development achievements in Xinjiang, to sabotage Xinjiang’s stability and to try to contain Xinjiang’s development. When I read this from the news I was so indignant and I strongly condemn this kind of shameless action.

My name is Jualiti Aihaiti and I was born and raised up here in Chabuchar, Xinjiang. Here there are 13 ethnic groups, including Uygur, Kazakh, Han, Xibo, Hui and so on. In our day life, all ethnic groups are living harmoniously together, all are enjoying the same rights and we are helping and supporting each other like a big family. There are many outstanding examples around us. For instance, Wu Xiufang, a Xibo senior citizen who has been awarded the “National Excellent Ethnic Relation Model Prize” , have been giving financial aid to over 20 children from different ethnic groups. Jumahan Huerjianbai, a normal Kazakh women, has been helping Han Chinese and other ethnic minority neighbors for quite long time. Such examples where people from different ethnic groups love, respect, help and support each other are countless.

For many years, with the smooth carrying out of improved ethnic policies in Xinjiang, the language, culture, tradition and customs of ethnic minorities have been well preserved and inherited. Here you will see Maixilaifu (a special Uygur dancing and singing), Black Beauty (a special Kazakh dancing) and Beirun Dancing (specialized in Xibo people) here and there, and here we have a newspaper in Xibo language which is the only newspaper in Xibo language all over the world. Recently, in order to fasten the development of ethnic group area, Xinjiang government has set up and complemented a series of beneficiary policies to improve conditions of education, medical care and housing to a great extent.Every evening, when the cheerful and lively music begins, people from all ethnic groups come together, singing and dancing with happy smiles brimming over their faces. This is our happy life in Xinjiang!

With these irrefutable facts, Pompeo, please shut up your filthy mouth and stop making up lies and sowing discord everywhere like a madman!