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Pompeo Is a Liar From Head to Toe

Maimaitiaili Tursun, a villager of Zhagunairike Village in Tagarqi Town, Shache County, Kashgar Prefecture

I am Maimaitiaili Tursun, a villager of Zhagunairike Village in Tagarqi Town, Shache County, and my family has been living here for many generations. Recently, the former US Secretary of State made a series of false remarks on Xinjiang, China, attacking viciously Xinjiang’s human rights, wantonly smearing China’s efforts in fighting against extremism and terrorism, maliciously attacking Chinese government’s policies in governing Xinjiang, brutally intervening China’s internal affairs, intentionally provoking relation among Chinese ethnic groups, evilly defaming all the great developmental achievements in Xinjiang, and completely ignoring true feelings from all ethnic groups in Xinjiang. All Pompeo’s words and actions revealed his true face of hegemony. I was indignant when I heard this.

I and my family used to live in crude adobe house, with no running water and electricity. The condition of road in the village was so poor that when you walked on it in a sunny day you will get dirt all over while if you walked in a rainy day you were sure to get mud all over. Our transportation means at that time were horse wagons, donkey wagons or bicycles. Occasionally if there was a car running by, I and my friends would chase after it for very long distance, just to look at it. Now, we live in fixed house which is spacious and bright, every family has running water, the road in the village is asphalt road now, broad, straight and even, medical care and education are included in insurance and protection, and a great deal of villagers are running a car bought by themselves. As for work, whether you choose to work in the field or you want to raise sheep or cattle, there are various subsidies and beneficiary policies to help you. More and more such policies are increasing our sense of happiness to a great extent.

A stable and secure Xinjiang is hard-earned. At present, the economy in Xinjiang is continuously developing, the society is harmonious and stable, the living condition is improving rapidly, and the religious relation is harmonious. It is safe and sound to say that Xinjiang is at its best stage of prosperity and development. I want to tell Pompeo seriously: your conspiracy to try to stop Xinjiang people’s determination to get a better life and to be in solidarity will never get its way; your evil attempt to sabotage Xinjiang’s stability and to separate China is just a hallucination! You are terribly afraid that Xinjiang people is in solid unity, which shows that unity is strength. The more you say about it, the more we will be united! I firmly believe that with the strong leadership of the CPC, all ethnic groups in Xinjiang are united together. Where there is a will, there is a way! Xinjiang’s tomorrow will surely be a bright future!

Pompeo, you are hurting the feelings of 25 million Xinjiang people and you will definitely pay a heavy price for your words and actions! Your evil name will be disdained and rejected in world history. As the saying goes -- One good turn deserves another, while Satan is sure to end in hell!