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Evil can never prevail over Good!

Si Gandai, Supervisory Committee of Bayingolin Prefecture Commission for Discipline Inspection

I was born in a Uygur family. Since childhood, my father taught us to be good balang (means young man in Uygur) who loves our motherland and hometown. From the grass-roots township and city authorities in Korla to the current leadership position and thanks to the care and cultivation of the CPC, I grew from a naive balang to a CPC officer with ideals, aspirations, solid work and dedication. I am always full of gratitude to the Chinese Communist Party and the government.

Among my work experiences, the grassroots level ones account for the most. Together with the broad masses of farmers and herdsmen, I have witnessed with my own eyes my hometown, Korla City, changing rapidly from a small frontier town of the past to one of the “Top 100 Counties” in China under the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee, with the great attention, concern and support of the Party Committee of the Autonomous Region, and with the strong assistance for construction of Hebei Province. Living and working in peace and contentment, people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang lead a happy life and literally benefit from various policies of benefiting the people, like the subsidies for agriculture, the countryside and farmers, the education improvement, the skills training, the project of living in peace and enriching people, poverty alleviation, and free health examination for the whole nation etc.

However, in such a wonderful period, the western anti-China forces headed by Pompeo begrudged the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang for leading a fabulous life, wantonly fabricated facts, confused people’s judgment and controlled the media all over the world, and denied the tremendous efforts and achievements made by the Communist Party of China to develop and enhance people's livelihood. The remarks and actions of Pompeo and his likes are totally contrary to the truth and the mainstream public opinion of the international community and what they did would only make Chinese people, including the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang, see their hypocrisy and sinister intentions much more clearly.

There is a Uygur saying: “No matter how high a pea jumps, it can’t smash an iron pot”, which means that Evil can never prevail over Good. Want to stir up a turmoil and cause serious consequences to us? It's really ridiculous! Our increasingly powerful motherland will never allow anyone to tamper with issues that endanger national sovereignty, security and unity. Those who elevate themselves by virtue of foreign forces certainly come to no good end!

Finally, I want to say: Pompeo, please shut up! We Xinjiang people are the master of our own future!