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Open Wide the Eyes and Watch Carefully for the Truth

Sadakaitiay Dulaishati, a villager of Baiyanggou Village, Tianshan Town, Yizhou Distric, Hami City

I am Sadakaitiay Dulaishati, a villager of Baiyanggou Village in Tianshan Town, Yizhou Distric, Hami City. There are 5 members in my family. My elder brother and elder sister are married, so there are me and my parents at our house now. My parents are not well in physical condition, and they have to bring up us children and to send us to school, so years ago my family was quite tight in economy. In 2016, my family was listed as poverty-stricken family, which means we could have more policies to help and support us.

With the help and support from the village committee, my father and my elder brother soon got jobs. My father was recommended to drive an excavator in a building company and my brother became an electric welder after being trained in a session which was organized by government free of charge. One year later, our income was stable and my brother was married, having a cute and lovely baby girl now. My elder sister graduated from Urumqi vocational technique college, became a teacher in a kindergarten and has her own happy family now. In September, 2012, I was admitted to Xinjiang Normal University, and for the 5 years of education there the tuition fee was free and for each month I was offered 300 RMB yuan subsidy by government. So I graduated from the university successfully. Now I work in a shop which sell household things and I am preparing to take part in teacher’s certificate tests so that I can realize my dream of being a teacher. We are out of poverty for some time and we are getting a better and better life. Every day when I go back home I can see that my parents are playing with their granddaughter and what a happy big family we have now!

However, Pompeo, just chose to ignore Xinjiang’s economic development, social stability, ethnic unity, religious harmony and peaceful and content life and to smear and defame our excellent polices and great achievements. This is so insulting! My own experience is enough to refute all his lies and rumors. No matter whether in school, or at work, I was and am never discriminated against or looked down upon. Meanwhile I never heard such thing as said by Pompeo in my life. The teachers, classmates and friends I have met are from various ethnic groups and we are like sisters and brothers. There is so such thing as separation at all and we are just like a big family! Religious believers go to mosque or other facilities to do their service regularly and I often took part in my Uygur friends’ wedding, everyone dancing and singing. We are so happy and excited! This is the happy life that I feel, I see and I want. They are so different from what Pompeo claimed.

Pompeo is just like a madman, who says nonsense all the time and defames anything anywhere and anytime. He did what he did by hook or by crook out of political purpose, smearing and vilifying. People around the world, please open wide our eyes, watch carefully for the truth and never be deceived by this “King of Lies”.