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Centurial Lies Cannot Shake the Good Situation of Stability and Development in Xinjiang

Ainiwaer Wubulikasim, Xinjiang Institute of Heritage and Archaeology

Today, the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang enjoy social stability and increasingly enhanced sense of happiness, fulfillment and safety. The region is experiencing its most auspicious period of development and prosperity. Ignoring the facts and truth, Pompeo published some false and absurd remarks of so-called “genocide” and “forced labour” to launch a smear attack against Xinjiang.

Pompeo’s evil acts were despised by the international community and his ugly face exposed the hypocrisy of western double standard. His wrongdoing entirely violated international justice and value criterion, human morality and conscience, and ideas and principles of human rights. He will be cast aside by the world people. He is not only the public enemy of the Chinese nation, but also of righteous people across the world.

As an antiquarian, with three-year experience of grass-root work experience, I strongly feel the necessity and significance of de-radicalization. In Suyayidi Village, for one period, separatism, terrorism and extremism forces poisoned some religious believers, without singing and dancing in weddings and weeping in funerals. All these abnormal phenomena were incompatible with the good reputation of Xinjiang as a place of song and dance. Separatism and religious extremism severely eroded and twisted people’s minds. In view of this, the work team opened a night school where the villagers could learn the standard Chinese language and improve their literacy and living skills. Through multi-channel funding, we built a children’s cartoon experiencing room, a villagers’ cultural activities center, a village grand stage, a basketball court, a volleyball court and policy publicity bulletin boards, installed electronic display and equipped the village with sound facilities, desks and chairs aiming to strengthen the hardware equipment for grassroots cultural activities. We also regularly held some cultural and sports activities, publicized the Communist Party’s policies benefiting people, national laws and regulations, and social morality and values, and led villagers to transform the old ideas and develop civilized and healthy life styles. Through display boards of new archaeological discoveries, we taught the histories of regional evolution, ethnicities and religions, anti-secession and development since 1949 in Xinjiang. At the same time, we carried out vocational skills training, introduced typical models of becoming rich and encouraged them to strive to achieve moderate prosperity. New era breeds new culture. New culture serves as a catalyst for new change. In today’s Suyayidi Village, people are high-spirited and optimistic and enjoy an increasingly high happiness index. Plain villagers often share their achievements and joys on WeChat.

The change of Suyayidi Village is an epitome of development of Xinjiang with each passing day. Social stability, economic prosperity, and living and working in peace and contentment across the Tianshan Mountains are very obvious to the whole world. No doomed clown like Pompeo can ever shake and erase it.