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Facts Speak Louder than Words, and Justice Lies in the Hearts of People

Kuerban Reheman, Satellite TV Program Center of Xinjiang Radio and Television Station

On January 19, Pompeo once again made an attack to discredit the Chinese government’s policy of ruling Xinjiang, and grossly interfered in China’s internal affairs under the guise of human rights on groundless basis.

I am a Uygur and working and living in Xinjiang. Pompeo falsely claimed that the Chinese government’s policy towards Muslims and ethnic minorities in Xinjiang constitutes “crimes against humanity” and “genocide”, I am once again indignant at his groundless fallacy and sinister intentions. I don’t know if Pompeo has ever visited Xinjiang. What makes you so brazenly comment on other people’s lives? I think Pompeo’s only purpose was to continue to undermine the stability of Xinjiang and mislead international public opinion.

I am a TV worker. As a media man, I have participated in the production of many TV programs for nearly 20 years, and I have the honor to travel all the places around Tianshan Mountains in Xinjiang. I have witnessed with my own eyes the great changes that have taken place in Xinjiang. What I have seen is a peaceful, united and harmonious Xinjiang where people of all ethnic groups live and work in peace and contentment. Pompeo ignored the facts and spread a large number of lies on Xinjiang related issues, revealing his vain attempt to create the so-called “Xinjiang issue” by smearing and attacking China and the Chinese Communist Party.

In the autumn of 2019, I came to Daliyabuyi Township, Yutian County, Hotan Prefecture for an interview. Many people, including many domestic and foreign media people, have visited Daliyabuyi. I checked a lot of media reports before I left for Daliyabuyi Township. Interestingly, I found that the films made by some foreign media are all about their own imagination about the place and mysterious tribes there. No one really cares about the living environment of people here.

In the days of this shooting, the only college student in the village, Kuerbannisa, impressed me very much with her words. She said that she was a little afraid when she had left the village at first. She was worried about what kind of life she would face once she moved out. But when she saw the well-equipped houses and the village officials who were busy helping the villagers move their homes, her worries melted away. She couldn’t wait for the moment that villagers could move out and enjoy the changes brought about by the new life. Only under the leadership of the party and with the implementation of alleviation policy, can the Uygur people in this remote small village, which is not suitable for human survival, live a happy life through relocation. This is my deepest feeling.

On the first night after the whole villagers moved to the new houses near the county seat, in the depth of night, I suddenly heard two old ladies feeling the wall of the house with their hands saying, “How can we have such a good house? I even dare not dream of it.” Their exclamation is a real reflection of the villagers’ feelings about their new life. Without spending a cent, all the villagers could live in a new home equipped with complete facilities and convenient transportation. I saw tears of happiness and gratitude on many faces. This is the truest mood.

The data shows that Xinjiang has made decisive achievements in poverty alleviation. Under the current standard, 3,064,900 poor people have been lifted out of poverty, 3,666 poor villages have been lifted out of poverty, and 32 poor counties have shaken off poverty. Facts speak louder than words, and justice lies in the hearts of people. Pompeo’s vicious attack on China can not deceive the world, and it can never succeed in discrediting China, and stop the development of Xinjiang.