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We will Be More United and Stronger!

Xiateguli Amuti, Cultural Tourism Program Center of Xinjiang Radio and Television Station

I am an ordinary Uygur TV journalist named Xiateguli Amuti, and I am 32 years old. I want to talk to you, Pompeo. You have concocted so many lies concerning the Uygur people, but you know nothing about the happy life of ordinary Uygur families in Xinjiang.

I was born in Korla City, Bayingolin Mongol Autonomous Prefecture. When I was 7 years old, I came to Urumqi with my parents. In this city I studied, worked and established my own family. Along the way of my growth, no matter in school, at work or in my daily life, my family and I can feel the care of the party and the state. There are three ethnic groups in my family. I am a Uygur, my husband is a Uzbek, and my mother-in-law is a Tajik. In Xinjiang, multi-ethnic families like my family are very common. In the long-term communication and exchanges, all ethnic groups respect and appreciate each other, forming a small family of ethnic unity and a big harmonious family of Chinese national unity, struggling for happy life.

My husband and I fell in love with each other and got married. Among my classmates, colleagues and friends, some married Han people, some Hui people and some even foreigners. In Xinjiang, no one forces a person to marry certain people and there is no forced implementation that an ethnic group should or should not marry a certain ethnic group. All ethnic groups enjoy full rights and freedom of marriage, schooling, work and life. Pompeo, is this what you called “crimes against humanity”? Is this what you called “genocide”?

After my father graduated from a military school in Urumqi, he became a honorable PLA soldier. After retirement, he became a political and legal official. My mother graduated from Xinjiang University of Finance and Economics, my father-in-law graduated from Xinjiang Medical University, and my mother-in-law graduated from Minzu University of China. They were all born in the 1960s and received good education. They were engaged in the field of tax, medicine and other fields. I went to a key high school, and graduated from Xinjiang Art Institute. I also had overseas study in Russia. Among my relatives and friends, one of my cousins studied in Tongji University in Shanghai, another cousin stayed in Beijing after graduation, and a good Han friend returned to Xinjiang to teach after studying abroad. We have the same right to receive a good education as that of young people in other brother provinces and cities. We enjoy all kinds of rights and freedom as Chinese citizens. We are happy and proud. Pompeo, is this what you calld “crimes against humanity” and “genocide”?

My hometown Xinjiang is the province with the largest land area in our motherland China. Affected by the geographical environment, climate conditions and other factors, the economic and social development is relatively backward. After the peaceful liberation in 1949, the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang, under the leadership of the Communist Party of China and the strong support of brother provinces and cities, worked hand in hand, jointly contributing to the rapid economic and social development of Xinjiang. In Xinjiang today, all prefectures and cities have entered the era of expressways. Xinjiang is the province with the largest number of airports in China. Xinjiang has high-speed rail, subway, 5g network’.......

An epidemic outbreak has brought serious disasters to China and the world since last year. Adhering to the principle of people supremacy and life supremacy, The Communist Party of China and the Chinese government took timely, decisive, thorough and effective measures to protect people’s life safety and health at all costs. No place, no ethnic group and no individual in China has been ignored in the combat against COVID-19 and treatment. Every Chinese is proud of this historical responsibility, national responsibility and big power responsibility. Pompeo, is this what you called “crimes against humanity” and “genocide”?

In Xinjiang, people of all ethnic groups enjoy the same policy as people in inland provinces do, and sometimes they enjoy even more preferential policies. I want to say to Pompeo loudly, “Take off your colored glasses and hypocrisy mask. Your viciousness disgusts me! Your hostility makes me indignant! Pompeo, every time you speak, we will be more united. Your deliberate attack will make us stronger!”