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After all, Dark Clouds can’t Block the Sun, and Lies can't Defeat Truth

Ailihazi Biekekuerman, Director of the Ethnic, Religious, Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Committee of the Standing Committee of the People’s Congress of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region

Recently, ignoring the facts, Pompeo attacked and deliberately discredited Chinese government’s policies of governing Xinjiang, completely exposing his immoral nature and “doomsday madness” of a liar. As a native of Xinjiang, I should not allow him to confuse the right and the wrong, and trample on the wisdom of the strategy of governing Xinjiang, let alone allow his plot to succeed. This kind of mad behavior and the practice of bewitching the masses are totally inconsistent with the facts in Xinjiang. I express my vehement indignation and strong opposition to this.

Xinjiang people have the most knowledge and the truest feeling about the development and human rights cause in Xinjiang, and hence have the final say about it. No one is allowed to fabricate lies or make malicious comments about Xinjiang on groundless basis. Any lie that does not conform to the reality can not withstand a single blow, any speech that does not conform to public opinion deserves reviling, any unjust act is futile, and will meet a failure end.

I was born and grew up in Xinjiang. Since I was a child, I have played and studied with my friends of all ethnic groups and established a deep friendship with them. Up to now, many friends often contact each other, greeting each other on New Year’s day. From primary school to university, under the kind care of the party and the government, I successfully completed my studies. I deeply feel that every step of my growth is inseparable from the party’s warm care and careful cultivation, which made me what I am today. As a practitioner of Xinjiang construction, I have witnessed great changes and brilliant achievements of the great motherland and beautiful Xinjiang under the leadership of the party, and personally felt the well-being of the people of all ethnic groups brought by the party’s good policies. Everyone with conscience knows that what the central committee of the party concerns most is Xinjiang, and that it is Xinjiang that gets the most support and benefits from the party.

Pompeo falsely claimed that Xinjiang has set up concentration camps to illegally detain and persecute millions of the Uygur and other ethnic minorities. This is completely a lie. I visited vocational education and training centers in prefectures many times. Their teaching conditions were very good, their staff were very responsible, and their living expenses were all covered by the government. In the vocational education and training center, the trainees could not only have the opportunity to understand great changes in Xinjiang and the strategy of Xinjiang governance, but also attend classes to learn the national standard language, law and vocational skills with the teaching of professional teachers. It had nothing to do with the so-called “concentration camp”. Will the “concentration camp” provide such treatment and benefits? No wonder the trainees who have completed their studies have made such comments: the government has saved us and given us a second life. If we hadn’t got timely education, we would have been on the road leading to an dead end. Now that we have learned the national standard language and laws, and grasped some skills, we have found a job and increased our income, and our days will be better and better. It is this measure that has regained people’s support, cracked down on extremism, and completely reversed the the situation of frequent occurrence of violent and terrorist activities. There have been no violent and terrorist cases for more than four consecutive years.

Pompeo falsely claimed that Xinjiang has implemented “suppression of religious freedom” and “deprivation of religious rights of ethnic minorities. It is a sheer slander and falsification. I have been engaged in ethnic and religious work for many years and have a deep understanding and perception of religious freedom. Xinjiang has always fully respected and protected the religious freedom of all ethnic groups. The government respects the wishes of the masses for the customs of burial, naming, circumcision, wedding and funeral. Normal religious activities such as fasting, worship and prayer are carried out in full accordance with the wishes of the believers, and no one has ever interfered. As long as there are worshipers, even one person, their religious freedom can be guaranteed. Xinjiang’s practice of respecting and protecting freedom of religious belief has been positively appraised by the international community, including Muslim countries.

After all, dark clouds can't block the sun, and lies can’t defeat truth. We firmly believe that no matter how wantonly Pompeo lied and cheated and stirred up ethnic dissensions, his evil remarks and behavior were powerless and vulnerable to the facts. The people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang, sharpening their minds not to be confused by Pompeo, will create a better and brilliant tomorrow under the correct leadership of the Party.